NBA star J.R. Smith has sparked division amongst his fans after he shared a photo of himself and his daughter in the shower together on Tuesday.

The Cleveland Cavalier shooting guard shared the nude shower photo of him holding his youngest child, Denver, on Instagram. The post has since received over 219,000 likes and over 8,700 comments.

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My sign ain’t water but we #AquaBeingsOverHere

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While some fans thought the photo was inappropriate or something to keep private, others defended the athlete saying mothers do it all the time.

A fan commented:

Aye man it would’ve been fine if it was your son, but nah.

Another wrote:

I ain’t feeling this am I the only [one] who thinks this is weird.

Additionally, a man commented:

Leave this in the memory album fam.

However, one user made a joke that many thought was out of bounds.

The commenter wrote:

Jr chill bro she’s under age

Many users replied, stating that the “joke” was “uncalled for.” Others responded calling that user “disgusting,” “a perv,” and a “clown” amongst other things.

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We Up! #FatMamaz

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However, those who supported the photo argued that the only people who think the picture is inappropriate are in fact the “weirdos” themselves.

One fan commented:

Y’all…weird asf if you see this other than a man holding his baby inna tub

Another said:

Yall MF’s are SICK! That’s his daughter dumba****s. Had it been his wife and the daughter it would have been hella heart eyes under this pic but anytime a man, in this case a BLACK MAN shows any type of affection towards their child it’s a problem or he’s a all of a sudden a perve…but y’all the ones thinking like that so who’s the real perve? He just loves his d*** daughter!

Others made the argument that the critics only feel uncomfortable because they’d never received love from their own fathers.

One person wrote:

Its his daughter. Im quit sure the mother gave her approval on it before it was taken. Kanya and kim did the samething with north. Yall act like he had her exactly between his legs. As you can see he had her on the side?. Babies come from the man first and he just showing his reaction of whats its like to be a father you dumb fucks thats being negative. Dont get mad cause yall mom lied and said your father going to the store and never came back. Shame on yall thats critizing this grown man. @teamswish dont listen to these assholes. But I think a better background would have been better for this beautiful moment.

Further, a woman commented:

skin on skin with your baby. That’s a damn good daddy right there. And while in the shower – not sure anything is better than that. The rest of you need a hug from your daddy cause you damn sure ain’t get one when you were a baby.
Some supporters even argued that women post pictures like this all the time and that a father doing it is no different.
 One woman commented:
Y’all all pervs if you see something wrong with this. It’s his child. Mothers post nudes with there babies all the time. It’s skin to skin. His seed.
Another said:
It’s only weird if y’all make it weird. ?Y’all wouldn’t have a problem if this was his wife naked with her baby. Some of y’all don’t even know y’all fathers ?
Still, over 500 people agreed with a comment that stated:
Some things are meant just for you and your camera roll only.
This isn’t the first time an athlete was shamed for their parenting techniques. Both professional quarterback Tom Brady and former soccer player David Beckham were dad-shamed for kissing their children on the lips.

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5 Replies to “NBA Player J.R. Smith Shares Photo of Him in the Shower With His Baby Girl. Some Fans Think It’s ‘Weird’”

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    There is a commercial running on the television right now showing a father taking his naked child in the shower. All the world watches it and is okay with it. I think this is all because he is famous and they want to make a target of him.

  • Tina Thomas 1 year ago

    I think that the picture is beautiful showing unconditional love to love your body is to love yourself this is why there are so many people that’s a shame to express the human body in the most loving manner. To bring it together as a whole mind body and soul. Thank you Jr!

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    I think this is fine. I recall taking Sunday afternoon naps with my dear father when I was a young girl. I loved him so much and he loved me. Nothing ever inappropriate. Nowadays God forbid if you shower with your babies or you get too cozy with your children.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Come on it’s just not appropriate, nudity is for your lover not your children

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    What was the point, why do ppl post pictures like this, for what reason? No really why?

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