On Monday, Robert Yancy, the grandson of legendary singer Nat King Cole and the son of Natalie Cole, died at just 39-years-old.

According to TMZ, his body was found in his San Fernando, California, home by a friend who grew worried after not hearing back from Yancy in several days. Sadly, the 39-year-old passed away from natural causes, however, an autopsy and toxicology test are being performed.

TMZ reported that officials informed Yancy’s family members that his death appears to be the result of a heart attack. As of Wednesday, drugs have remained ruled out as a possible contributing factor.

Some people might remember that Yancy’s mother, Natalie, struggled with addiction very publicly up until her passing two years ago from congestive heart failure. She was 65-years-old.

And sadly, Yancy’s death is eerily similar to his father’s, Marvin Yancy, who died of a heart attack at just 34-years-old, per TMZ.

Yancy’s younger sisters, twins Timolin and Casey Cole told People:

“We are at a loss for words.”

Timolin — who, along with her sister, share a different father than Yancy — continued, saying the recent passing of his mother broke his heart:

“He was deeply saddened over the loss of his mother. When Natalie died, he lost the most important person in his life. It was very hard for him.”


Yet according to the girls, Yancy was in a very good place in his life. In fact, they said he recently began performing:

“He bought a new place to live and was super excited about celebrating his 40th birthday on Oct. 14.”

However, all that excitement kept him busy and he sadly didn’t keep up with frequent check-ups:

“He didn’t go to the doctor much, but he was feeling good. He was so busy with his life that he neglected that part. His dad died early, too, but Natalie never mentioned concerns over her son’s health.”

Although Yancy’s death was sudden and an absolute loss for the world, the girls said their only comfort “is that [he] is with his mother.”

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