Caroline Mauer has been nannying since she was 7 years old. She absolutely adores kids, and says they make her feel her “most present.” She is a deeply loved component of every family she works with.

Caroline has known 2-year-old Fox since he was just a few months old, nannying for the family on and off for years.

On March 28, Caroline and Fox were on a walk in the residential neighborhood of Atwater Village in Los Angeles, just one block from the family home. After making sure the coast was clear, Caroline began to cross the street.

But then, a car ran a stop sign and was headed directly toward them.

Without thinking, Caroline quickly reacted to the oncoming vehicle, pushing Fox’s stroller “as hard as she could” to get him out of the way. On the YouCaring page set up for Caroline, Fox’s parents, Courtney Davis and Bill Wolkoff, wrote:

She then stuck her arms out, attempting to put her body between the car and our son’s stroller.

The car hit Caroline, throwing her a few feet and fracturing bones in her hands, wrists, and arms. Our son was not directly hit, and miraculously escaped with only minor scrapes and bruises. One of the paramedics on the scene told Bill that Caroline had saved Fox’s life.

Caroline has been in and out of the hospital and physical therapy for several months. Because of the severity of the injuries, according to the YouCaring page, “she may never regain full strength in her hands.”


Her injuries have prevented her from going to work and, as a student, she has also had to postpone her studies “indefinitely.” Fox’s parents describe Caroline as a “true hero,” and credit her for saving their son’s life.

The family set up a YouCaring page to help cover Caroline’s “medical and life expenses” during recovery. The outpouring of support has helped her cope with the situation. In an update posted to the fundraising page, Caroline wrote:

Since the accident, it has been a struggle to see the joy, humor, and sunlight. Saving Fox is the best possible outcome to a terrible situation and I would do it again in a heartbeat — he has my heart. I struggled because of hospitals, physical limitations, pain, lack of energy, and the weird inability to trust my body will stand up, or my brain won’t have me cry at an intersection.

She continued:

I have made a point to take care of the physical, the emotional, the psychological, the varied appointments, and tried to keep the little social interaction I have, hilarious. I force myself out — even if it hurts — at least once a week for something one-of-a-kind. The healing process has felt embarrassingly slow, amorphous, lonely, and unpredictable – so I just kept swimming.

In order to donate to and follow her recovery, visit her YouCaring fundraising page.

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