Marissa Mowry gave birth to a baby boy in October 2014. As the Tampa Bay Times reports, Mowry later posted a photo to Facebook beaming with pride over her new baby with the caption: “My chunky love, my whole world, my universe!”

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

According to Fox 13, at the time of the birth, the 22-year-old woman was a live-in nanny for a Port Richie, Florida, family. The mother of the family told the outlet that Mowry said the pregnancy was the result of a relationship with an ex-boyfriend. The mother never thought otherwise at the time. But as she told Fox 13:

“How could I have been so stupid? There should have been something I should have caught. I should have caught something.”

As the Times reports, Mowry was arrested in June 2017 when a tip to Florida’s Department of Children and Families child abuse hotline prompted an investigation. Three years after the birth of Mowry’s baby, the son of the family for whom she was a live-in nanny admitted to his mother that he had had a sexual relationship with Mowry, Fox 13 reported.

The son was reportedly 11 years old when Mowry allegedly first molested him and fell pregnant. He is now 15. According to Fox 13, the alleged abuse is said to have occurred for three years.

The teen’s mother told Fox 13 she always had an eye on her son unless she was at work:

“I was always watching when I was home. It was when I was at work I couldn’t.”

She added:

“She betrayed me in the worst possible way.”

The Times reports that, according to arrest records, Mowry told investigators that the teen had raped her while she was under the effects of Benadryl and an antibiotic. She woke up to find him “touching her sexually” and told him to stop. He then rolled over, pulled his shorts to the side, and had sex with her.

Later, investigators listened in on a call to Mowry from the teen who asked if she was “highly medicated” at the time of their sexual encounter. Mowry answered “no.”

Mowry then admitted to investigators she and the boy had had consensual sex between 15 and 20 times in 2014 when the boy was 11, and that he was the biological father of her now-3-year-old son.

Mowry remains in jail on four counts capital sexual battery and 11 counts of felony sexual battery. According to WFTS, her bond was set at $565,000.

Screenshot/Fox 13

The baby is reportedly being raised by the teen’s mother. The woman told Fox 13 she’s aware that her son’s child may grow up without his mother, as it’s reported that a capital sexual battery conviction carries a punishment of life in prison.

As the mom told Fox 13:

“She needs to be locked up for life. Because that’s is what she’s stolen from my son. She took it from her own son too.”

Investigators are looking into other possible incidents with alleged victims after Mowry became pregnant a second time.

According to WLFA, in June deputies said Mowry was pregnant but that the father of the child was not the teen. The Times reports that Facebook posts of Mowry’s revealed she was pregnant again and that she was recently shown with two children.

Fox 13 reports that court records reveal that the father of Mowry’s second child was a 16-year-old boy, something which was confirmed by a paternity test. The teen, now 19, is reportedly fighting for joint custody of their child. Mowry has disputed his claims to the child, citing that he has not been present in the child’s life and questioned his ability to provide housing and transportation. The case is reportedly ongoing.

According to WFLA, a source close to Mowry reportedly said that the woman suffered a very troubled childhood as a runaway and was frequently in juvenile court.

The mother who hired Mowry as a nanny is worried for the future of her teen as well, as she told Fox 13:

“Just being a teenager is hard enough and you’re gonna throw in molestation — which messes with their head — and then you’re going to throw in being a parent?”

Children between the ages of 7 and 13 are the most vulnerable to child sexual abuse, according to the National Center for Victims of Crime.

A study from the Journal of Adolescent Health found that young males who have experienced sexual abuse were “five times more likely to cause teen pregnancy, three times more likely to have multiple sexual partners and two times more likely to have unprotected sex,” according to the national center.

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