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On Tuesday, former Mrs. America winner Jennifer Kline’s fall from grace was made official. After being charged with felony theft by swindle, the Hennepin County District Attorney’s office announced she was convicted.

According to the Daily Mail, the weeklong trial came to a close after the 51-year-old was found guilty of stealing over $5,000 in merchandise from a Minnesota Macy’s department store.

The incident happened back in November 2015, when an asset protection detective informed the police that Kline was falsely returning items from Nov. 5 to Nov. 30.

According to reports, Kline purchased $5,790 of designer clothing at a Macy’s store on Nov. 5 and 6, and returned $5,501 worth of those items at a different Macy’s on Nov. 30.

However, employees reportedly noticed that the clothes were “dirty and worn,” per the Daily Mail, and after taking a closer look, realized that the labels and price tags from the items she purchased earlier in the month had been removed and placed on the ones she returned.

Officials soon obtained a search warrant for Kline’s home and discovered nearly 25 of the items she purchased and fraudulently returned.

But how did she do it?

Edina Police Department

According to reports, after purchasing the designer clothing at Macy’s, Kline then switched the price tags and luxury labels to clothes she already owned. The Star Tribune reported that she admitted to having her own plastic tags to switch the price tags at home.

She then brought the old clothes with fake tags to the store with original receipts, returned them, and walked away with thousands of dollars.

The Daily Mail reported that because the labels from Macy’s stolen products were gone, the department store was unable to recover any of the items, so Kline was charged the full $5,501.

She’s now facing up to five years in prison, and her sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 18

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