Abby Lee Miller has been behind bars now for more than a month.

The 50-year-old “Dance Moms” star surrendered herself to federal prison after a lengthy legal battle over fraud charges.

In 2010, the choreographer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but two years later, she was charged with hiding more than $775,000 from her creditors.

In 2016, she pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 366 days in prison.

But while Miller serves her one-year-and-one-day punishment, her now-famous dance students had been left to fend for themselves.

But thanks to their very involved stage moms, the dancers weren’t left directionless for long.

On Tuesday’s episode of “Dance Moms,” the students were introduced to the new person in charge, who happens to have choreographed for megastars like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Michael Jackson — Laurieann Gibson.

Some might remember her from her time on MTV’s “Making the Band,” but now she’s set her sights on a new phase in her career: teaching the next generation.

Per the Daily Mail, upon introducing herself to her new students, Gibson said:

“I feel like Abby Lee makes robots. I make stars.”

Although Miller didn’t leave on the best of terms with the mothers, especially after flaunting around her younger boyfriend, mom Ashlee Terry Allen revealed that Gibson was chosen to direct the girls even before Miller left for prison, saying:

“She decided to go to Europe before her sentencing so I don’t feel bad bringing Laurieann in to take her place.

Her resume is so huge — Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Michael Jackson.”

When asked about her resumé, Gibson responded:

“Google me.”

Miller was never shy when it came to singing her own praises, and judging by Gibson’s introduction to the students, that’s something she shares in common with Miller:

“[I’m a] choreographer, creative director, world changer, dream fighter, and creative visionary to today’s hottest stars.”

However, Gibson decided to trade in working with “today’s hottest stars” to begin shaping the dance careers of today’s youth:

“Owning my own studio and transform all of this knowledge to young, talented women is definitely a dream of mine. I just didn’t expect to do it now.”

So why now? Gibson hinted that she may have felt like Miller was wasting the girls’ talent, asking:

“Who really thinks that Abby Lee has held you back?”

Every girl then raised her hand…

Aside from disliking Miller, one student, Nia Frazier, said Gibson was even inspiring:

“It’s really amazing to have Miss Gibson here this week. This powerful black woman whose done amazing things. So I’m just really excited to work with her.”

Frazier’s mother echoed that sentiment, saying:

“[Miller] would hate her because she’s done everything that Abby aspires and wants to do, but she actually does it.”

Although the girls and mothers tried to remain somewhat loyal to Miller, Gibson continued, saying:

“I’m not afraid of Abby Lee — she should be afraid of me.”

She also mentioned that her fears were right: Miller was wasting the students’ talent:

“There’s so much talent in here, I just can’t.”

Though the normal drama between the mothers persisted, one of the moms said she hopes Gibson’s fresh presence will keep the focus on the dancers. However, she added they all need to “pray there’s no more drama” for that to happen.

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