Kathleen West appeared to be a regular suburban housewife and mom.

But the Alabama mom had a secret life online that was only discovered following what police are calling her murder.

ABC13 reports that a neighbor heading to work on Sunday found West’s body in her yard. Neighbor Xavier Lee described the chilling scene:

“You can see the stain that’s left in the road, that’s still there.”

The 42-year-old mother’s body was found wearing only a sports bra, according to Fox13.

But West had a life that those around her were unaware of. Secretly, she was an adult model who posed in racy photos, making money on her own subscription-based website.

At first, West’s site appeared to be geared to clothing sales, until a nearly X-rated tweet suddenly appeared on Aug. 11, 2017. Below a racy photo of the mom, it read: “Happy Frisky Friday – Let’s get this party started.” The tweet also included a link to a “Wishlist,” where viewers could buy lingerie for her to wear, according to Fox13.

West’s most recent post, on January 12, reverted back to normal again, with a link to a wool jacket for sale.

According to the Shelby County Reporter, West’s personal Facebook page featured images of family life. But her Twitter and Instagram profiles showcased her steamy pictures and a link to an adult website using the handle of “kittykatwest75.”

The site boasted the wife and mother had “hundreds” of pornographic photos of herself for sale, which she charged $15.99 per month to access.

While West’s double life selling sexually-explicit photos of herself added to the mystery of her death, some are staying focused on the how her death affects her family. A neighbor told WIAT-TV:

“That’s the sad thing about it. You’ve got a little girl that’s not gonna have her mother anymore.”

And neighbors hope to get reassurance about what exactly is happening in their quiet neighborhood. Kevin Wachs told the Shelby County Reporter:

“We don’t know if there is still a killer in our midst. Do we have a neighbor that has something dark going on their mind? Me and everybody who lives in the area is waiting for answers.”

Wachs thinks West’s side career shouldn’t matter:

“Regardless of what she was doing as a profession, which is none of our business, it’s still very unfortunate.”

WIAT reports that her death has been listed as a homicide. No charges have been filed and the cause of death has yet to be revealed. Police haven’t released any information about the death, as the investigation is ongoing.

See more on the mother’s death below:

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