Detroit mother Leda Watts still doesn’t know why her two beloved sons were shot and killed as they stood outside in April, but she hopes they will someday get justice.

Aubrey Stanley Jr., a 42-year-old man, was arrested for the fatal shooting. But his trial has hit an unexpected speed bump thanks to one of the defense lawyers, according to WXYZ.

Detroit Police Department

The emotional mother was attending a trial hearing the day before Thanksgiving last week when she said one of the defense attorneys nodded off in the middle of the courtroom.

It was a rough start to the trial, which Watts dutifully attended in honor of her sons, 28-year-old Louis Phillips and 24-year-old Alex Stewart.

Watts told WYXZ:

“When an attorney falls asleep during court proceedings, it doesn’t look good, and they could have very well missed something important.”

It was a devastating blow for the mom, who has been struggling to get through the difficult trial process after the death of her sons, according to New York Daily News. Watts said:

“It’s just like living everything all over again, going through the process.”

To make matters worse, the judge declared a mistrial because the attorney fell asleep while the court was in session.

That means Watts will have to endure the process even longer. She told WXYZ:

“I think I had dropped my head, because I was so disappointed.”

However, the mother said she understands the judge’s reasoning.

Watts was left heartbroken on April 9 when she learned she had lost two of her children to gun violence on the same day.

Both men were fathers and had dreams of going into the arts, according to WDIV.

Now, she is thankful she can still raise her grandchildren, but she wishes she could “change time.”

The lawyer has not been identified, and it remains unclear why he or she fell asleep. A new pretrial hearing is scheduled to take place Tuesday.

Watch the mother’s interview on WXYZ below:

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