The family of 9-year-old Payton Summons still has hope for her even after doctors have declared her brain dead.

As Fox News reports, Summons has been in the Cook Children’s Medical Center in Texas for a week, after going into cardiac arrest.

On September 25, doctors were unable to revive her after several CPR attempts. The 9-year-old had also been administered CPR for an hour at home and while she was being transported by ambulance.

According to Fox4, Summons has a cancerous tumor, and according to the hospital’s lawyer, it is “crushing her heart and lungs.”

The tumor had cut off her circulation and, as a result of being without oxygen for more than an hour, she was eventually put on life support.

After declaring Summons brain dead, doctors made the decision to take her off life support on Monday, October 1.

However, despite the doctor’s orders, Summons’ mother insisted on keeping her daughter on life support for a little while longer.

As a result, the mom was granted a temporary restraining order against the hospital in order to keep Summons alive for at least two more weeks.

The hospital released a statement about the ordeal:

Our physicians and nurses were able to revive her heartbeat, but they were unsuccessful in resuscitating her breathing. She suffered a devastating injury to her brain due to being without oxygen for over an hour.

Justin Moore, the Summon family’s attorney, says the family wants to move Payton to another facility. He said they believe she can recover.

During a press conference, Moore spoke to the media and said the family is acting within their rights:

“As their right under the Texas Advance Directive Act, they should be provided the time and opportunity to find another facility that will allow for continued care of Payton while she slowly recovers.They simply want to give their child a fighting chance. Far too often, we have seen medical facilities choose profits over care for patients.”

Following the court’s decision to grant the restraining order, the hospital made an unsuccessful attempt to transfer Payton to another hospital for further care.

Cook Children’s attorney, Laura Copeland, said in a statement that the Summons family would be hard pressed to find another hospital that will care for their daughter:

There is no facility, there is no phone call that could be made, there is no place that will take her. She is dead. It is very traumatic for the staff to have to do things for a patient they know is dead.

The hospital also provided a statement expressing their sympathy for the family during this difficult time:

We respect the effort of Payton’s family to do what they believe is best for their chil. We experience this kind of parental passion every day and always work alongside the parents.

There is a second hearing on Friday, October 5 to revisit the decision.

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