One man and four children were found dead late Monday night after a 24 hour standoff in Orlando, Florida. Officers arrived at the apartment where the gunman, Gary Lindsey Jr., and the four children were located at around 11:45 p.m. on Sunday following a domestic violence call.

Sources say that the incident began when Lindsey’s girlfriend, who is also the mother of the four children, told officers that Lindsey physically abused her. 

The shooting began after Lindsey barricaded himself inside the apartment with the four children; ages 1, 6, 10, and 12. Police tried to negotiate with the gunman for the safe release of the children. More than 40 officers were on the scene. Lindsey fathered the two youngest children, sources say.

After police arrived to the scene, Lindsey opened fire hitting one officer, according to Chief John Mina. Officer Kevin Valencia is in critical condition, however, is expected to survive. 

Family attorney, Walter Benenati, told People that the mother is in “complete shock.” Benenati identified the children in a GoFundMe campaign that was created to cover funeral costs for the children.

“Nobody can really imagine what she’s going through unless you’re a mother that’s lost a child,” Benenati said in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel.  

The mother of the victims is currently staying at a hotel and is being supported by her family, according to Benenati.

Benenati said he was “not aware that she was having family issues.” 

Benenati also brought up the topic of mental illness and that it is a “major problem” in this country that needs to be looked at.

The family friend and attorney said that Irayan Lopez, age 12, was described as an overachiever in the classroom who loved video games.

Lillia, 10, enjoyed going to Disney World and attended Sadler Elementary School.

Aidan, 6, also attended Sadler Elementary School, as well as loved to play outside and loved dinosaurs. 

Dove, who was 22 months old, enjoyed running around and playing outside.

The family has started a GoFundMe to cover funeral expenses for the children.

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