Peter Brabazon thought he was about to thrill his wife with home renovation plans. Instead, she blew up at him — then mysteriously vanished from his life.

As PIX 11 reports, Peter handed his wife, Maria, the plans for their home, which had been severely damaged during Hurricane Sandy. He said:

“I brought home house plans, she said it’s not what she wanted. She just exploded.”

The New York mother of three lashed out her husband in what Peter and their two adult daughters described as one of her “episodes.”

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According to Peter, those episodes weren’t infrequent. He said:

“She had imbalances. She got angry very quickly.”

The angry 56-year-old then moved out to her minivan and stayed there for days.

Then, while Peter was away over Labor Day weekend, Maria had a routine inspection done on her van and bought a bottle filled with 180 sleeping pills. She called her children to tell them she loved them and then disappeared.

She left her house holding only a white plastic bag, leaving behind her phone, wallet, and identification. Surveillance video captured her turning a corner, and she was never seen again.

Two years later, she remains missing.

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Maria had already frightened her family in 2009 when she attempted to kill herself.

And Peter claimed she blamed him for being an unhappy woman. He said she didn’t want to be remembered that way:

“One of the last things she said to me is, ‘I’m not crazy.'”

Private investigator Brian Sweeney tends to believe suicide is not at issue here, as he finds it odd that the Austrian-born woman hasn’t turned up. He said:

“In two years, no body has turned up. If she had committed suicide, she would have turned up somewhere.”

Sweeney believes she must have gotten in a car and taken off.

It’s a theory with which Maria’s daughters agree. Daughter Christine believes her mother, who suffered from “severe, psychotic depression,” is still alive. And a statement overheard by daughter Pauline may indicate that their mother wanted to disappear.

Pauline recalled:

“She had mentioned, ‘I wish I could just start over and have a new life and disappear.'”

The mother vanished when both of her daughters were pregnant. Christine and Pauline believe their pregnancies may have played a role in her disappearance, as she was concerned that she would have to care for their children while they worked.

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Still, Pauline defended Maria as a good mother:

“Growing up, she took very good care of us. Made sure we would brush teeth before bed, eat healthy and do our homework.”

The family is searching for answers and closure. Peter said:

“If she walked off and is still alive somewhere, we’d like her to notify us.”

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