After her 20-year-old daughter was shot at a stoplight this past August in Virginia, Kristy Burrus-Clay has made it her mission to help put an end to gun violence in their community.

WRIC reports that Krissia Henderson-Burrus died in the hospital the morning after she was found shot in her car in a McDonald’s parking lot.

According to authorities, the young girl was shot in the side and in the head while stopped at a traffic light with a friend, causing her to crash into the McDonald’s parking lot:

“So, he screamed to my daughter, ‘pull off, pull off, pull off.’ And shots started being fired.”

Burrus-Clay told 8News that even though the police have not any made arrests, she still has hope they will.

She said looking through a book filled with her daughter’s pictures helps her cope with the loss.

Family and friends also wrote inspirational messages about Krissia in the book:

“People that really cared about her just write so I can look back.”

Henderson-Burrus was majoring in criminal justice at Virginia Union University and is remembered as vibrant, “energetic and always helping someone”.

Burrus-Clay told 8News that after hearing that her daughter had been shot, her “heart stopped.”

Even with the horrific news, she and her husband were still hopeful:

“I’m praying, ‘just fight Krissia, just fight.'”

However, when they arrived at the hospital, it was too late. Their daughter had died.

Burrus-Clay hopes to honor her daughter’s memory by fighting to end gun violence in the community:

“My story is to try to make my daughter’s death mean something, to prevent the next mother from walking in my shoes.”

Virginia Union will be hosting a memorial in Henderson-Burrus’ honor on Thursday.

The investigation is still ongoing, and the family asks anyone that may have any information to please call Crime Stoppers.

Watch the video below:

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