KTLA reports a 26-year-old woman is in stable condition, an 8-year-old girl is in critical condition, and a 2-month-old baby girl is dead after they were found naked, unresponsive, and covered in white powder after the woman was spotted acting strangely by a liquor store operator.

The 26-year-old woman, who is believed to be their mother, was seen wandering around the parking lot with the powder on while breastfeeding the baby and attempting to get into locked cars before police found the naked trio.

The owner of the neighborhood liquor store, Sunhee Chung, told the Los Angeles Times the woman had come into the store earlier that night in pajamas with bare feet when she is normally dressed nicely. He said she had complained that the child had been crying all night and wanted to live with her grandmother. According to ABC7, she purchased three cans of Ajax cleaner and latex gloves.

The woman’s neighbor, Johnette Green, believes the 26-year-old woman may have tried to hurt herself because of an abusive relationship with a man who is believed to be the father of her baby. Green said:

“We would hear all this loud cursing and you’d hear a lot of arguing going on with him and her.”

CBSLA reports the hazmat team determined the powder covering their bodies was a combination of baby powder and baby formula. LAPD Capt. Michael Rimkunas said, “There is quite a lot of the substance on the ground.”

Lt. Chris Ramirez said:

“It is an unusual case. It doesn’t happen a lot and it’s very unfortunate because here we lost an innocent life. A child was taken at such a young age who had a whole life ahead of her.”

There were no visible signs of injury on any of the victims when they were found.

An unidentified man was seen in handcuffs at the scene but was later released.

The identities of the woman and children have not been released yet, and the children’s father’s name has not been made public yet, but police have said they want to talk to him and other family members.

There is also a second investigation happening at another nearby location where the same powdery substance that covered the woman and children was found.

See the shocked neighbors describe the woman below:

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