Meghan McCain, the daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), recently joined ABC’s “The View” as a co-host. But that’s not nearly the most exciting news in her life right now.

According to Us Weekly, the 33-year-old is newly engaged, and she’s already “well into wedding planning,” according to an unnamed source.

Meghan, per US Weekly, has referred to her “boyfriend” multiple times online and otherwise since the start of 2016, but still, she has yet to publicly reveal his identity. Although, the publication did note Meghan’s man can definitely cook a mean meal:

Boyfriend made homemade blue cheese wedge salad for dinner! ????

A post shared by Meghan McCain (@meghanmccain) on Jul 7, 2017 at 5:23pm PDT

Sadly, her engagement comes after her beloved father was diagnosed with brain cancer over the summer, specifically, “primary brain tumor known as glioblastoma.” Understandably, Meghan took the news harder than most people, but she took to Twitter at the time to remind people of her father’s strength:

Her note read, in part:

It won’t surprise you to learn that in all this, the one of us who is most confident and calm is my father. He is the toughest person I know. The cruelest enemy could not break him. The aggressions of political life could not bend him. So he is meeting this challenge as he has every other. Cancer may afflict him in many ways: But it will not make him surrender. Nothing ever has.

However, she did state she and her family now “live with the anxiety about what comes next.”

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