Motherhood can be messy, unpleasant, and a little gross at times. Which leads one to ask why some moms choose to replicate that experience in cake form.

As the Daily Mail reports, mothers were horrified when one user posted to Mumsnet to ask the question, “Who the f**k would order this cake?”


Accompanying that question was a cake that faithfully reproduced a confectionery version of a dirty diaper, possibly after the consumption of a turkey dinner and four pounds of chocolate pudding.

As the poster explained, she could could appreciate a joke, but this cake only fulfilled half the requirements for toilet humor:

Now I like a joke as much as the next person. I even find those kids toys that poo and fart that are all the rage now marginally funny. But this has to be one of the nastiest cakes I’ve seen!

The other moms of Mumsnet tended to agree with her, asking if it was meant to be a joke on the diaper cake (a construction of diapers and baby gear sometimes given as a gift to an expectant mother). One called it “repugnant,” while another described the messy diaper cake as, “an abomination.” Another mom asked:

Is it edible? Why not add some baby spit up for good measure?

There were a few defenders of the cake, including one who admitted she had “a juvenile sense of humor.” But most confessed that the realism made it difficult to imagine eating the cake, no matter how funny.

One commenter claimed that she recognized the cake from the Facebook page of a local baker and assured her fellow moms that the diaper contents were actually crushed Milky Way bars — not that it helped much.

Devotees of the website Cake Wrecks immediately recognized the signs of a baby shower cake, which, for reasons unknown, can sometimes become quite graphic.

Baby shower cakes have been known to replicate everything from the experience of cutting a slice out of a pregnant woman’s stomach:

To fanciful depictions of C-sections:

Not to mention the depictions of birth and gestation:

In cake form, of course:

If you are among those who would enjoy this kind of cake at your party, take heart. While most of the commenters were turned off by the graphic cakes, at least one commenter didn’t let appearances get in the way of what’s most important:

“I’m on a fasting day and I can’t see anything but cake. I love cake. Cake is good. I would happily eat the sh*t out of all of them.”

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