Emma George and her husband, Lee, married in 2016 and found out they were pregnant on their honeymoon.

As George wrote on her Just Giving page, she and Lee already had three sons between the two of them, so when they learned they would be welcoming a little girl into the family, they were overjoyed:

We found out the week after Christmas we were having a DAUGHTER, Lee cried when we found out, our family was complete. Lee had a vasectomy done in January 2017 whilst I was 5 months pregnant.

Due to some complications during the pregnancy, George gave birth to the baby girl at 34 weeks. Felicity was born weighing just five pounds, one ounce.

Just Giving

George described her baby girl as “perfect.” After spending 11 days in the neonatal intensive care unit, they were able to bring her home.

But when Felicity was 8 weeks and 4 days old, George noticed a change in her demeanor. In addition to not feeding, she was running a fever and seemed lethargic. George’s intuition told her that something was wrong. She recalled:

I rang 111, who said take her to urgent care, we waited 1.5 hrs to be seen by a doctor.

However this doctor did not care about our daughter. His words were, ‘You look like a sensible mother. Bring her back tomorrow, if she is any worse.’ No physical checks were done, nothing!

Listening to the doctor’s advice, George brought the baby home and went about her day.

When she and Lee woke up the following morning, their newborn daughter was gone. Felicity passed away just 12 hours after they were sent home from the hospital.

Just Giving

George wrote:

We woke up and our world [was] shattered, she wasn’t breathing. The hospital did all they could, but she was gone. My baby girl at eight weeks and five days was taken from us! I have never felt so lost and broken in my life. I don’t think that will never change, as a piece of us went with her.

An autopsy revealed that Felicity was suffering from a lung infection called, HIB Influenza, and most likely died as a result of sepsis, a complication that arises as the result of an infection getting into the bloodstream.

George believes her daughter’s life could have been spared “if the doctor had just completed a simple physical check.” She told the Daily Mail that no parent should ever have to go through what they were forced to go through:

“A mother’s intuition is key. The doctor is not always right. People need to trust their instincts. I knew there was something wrong with Fliss, but the doctor was horrible. He looked at her and took her temperature, but did no other checks.”

An investigation is now underway.

Pink balloons for my pink princess ???

Posted by Emma George on Monday, July 10, 2017

Although Felicity can never be replaced, George and Lee discussed the possibility of having another child, but after deciding to get his vasectomy reversed, Lee was denied the procedure. George explained:

After a while, me and Lee spoke about having another child, not to replace Felicity, but to try and mend our broken family. We requested that the vasectomy reversed but that was refused, apparently we don’t have enough circumstances to justify it.

Now, George and Lee are hoping to raise enough money via Just Giving in order to still get the vasectomy reversal elsewhere, as they hope to one day “make their beautiful angel a proud big sister.”

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