A horrifying accident nearly shattered a family when a little boy was dragged under a car for 35 feet while playing outside.

The 2-year-old’s mother, Jamie Wilson, described the gruesome incident that left her son, Sage, with horrific injuries on September 27.

Wilson told the Daily Mail the boy was playing in the front yard on a swing set with other children when she stepped inside for five minutes to use the bathroom.

During that time, her friend, who was visiting, decided to leave. However, when she reversed out of their driveway she accidentally backed out over Sage. Wilson told the Daily Register:

“I didn’t know my friend was leaving … Police said he must have ran behind her and she didn’t notice him.”

When the mom walked out of her Texas home, she found her son screaming and covered in blood. She recalled to the Daily Mail:

“There was blood everywhere and the skin had been completely pulled off a part of the left side of his head, so much so that I could see a large part of his skull.”

Wilson screamed when she saw Sage’s injuries.

Pray for Sage Gofund Me Page

She said:

“He was conscious in the car but everything was covered in blood.

They said he was lucky because if a rock had hit a major blood vessel the situation would have been so much worse.”

The left side of his skull was exposed and his mother and father rushed him to the hospital for emergency surgery.

Pray for Sage Gofund Me Page

His mom continued:

“He went into surgery for three hours and they cleaned out his wound.

On October 4 he had a skin graft from one side of his head to the other to help close the wound. He will never grow hair on those parts of his head again. He also fractured the back of his skull.”

She told the Register his recovery has been filled with uncertainty but despite the accident that cost her family so much, Wilson doesn’t blame her friend. She told the publication:

“I’ve been stressed to the max.

Just prayers. Lots of prayers. He’s a little fighting miracle.”

As reported by the Daily Mail she added:

“After my son had gotten the helicopter I text my friend to tell her she had run him over, she had no idea.

It was a complete accident and I know that. We are still friends. She feels terrible.”

Grayson County Sheriff’s office confirmed the incident was an accident.

Pray for Sage Gofund Me Page

According to Kids and Cars, thousands of children are killed in backover accidents in the U.S. every year. The organization urges everyone to install a rearview camera system and sensors on their vehicle.

In addition, drivers should “also heighten their awareness before engaging a vehicle into reverse” when around children.

At least 70 percent of backover tragedies involve a parent or close relative who was behind the wheel.


For more on Sage’s recovery visit his GoFundMe page for the latest updates.

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