A mom grocery shopping with her two daughters disciplined them in the store.

According to Louise Palai, her two girls were “running about in Tesco, being very silly and not listening.” Instead of waiting until she returned home to punish her children for running amuck in the store, Palai disciplined them right then and there.

 Palai put her girls in timeout right in the middle of the store— a technique that proved to be very effective.

She took a photo of the incident, which was posted with Palai’s permission by a friend who runs the “Spotted Ilkeston town” Facebook page:

The friend wrote:

Pinched this story off the home feed — (with permission). Mum puts her children in time out in Tesco … five minutes later they behave … she says she will put them in time out where ever she is. No matter what anyone says / stares. I think this is a fine example of great parenting. More people should be like her.

And many who saw the post agreed. Some said they do the same form of discipline when their children are misbehaving in public:

I have done this they will learn what is acceptable where and when you should never be embarrassed about teaching your child/children.

Great job Mum! It doesn’t matter what people say, after all if you don’t do this and let your kids run around shouting, screaming or having a tantrum, they’d only be saying “I wouldn’t put up with that if that was my child” anyway!

I agree with Sharon and the mum who does this. Any child wouldn’t do it again because they would remember the embarrassment. Children need boundaries. As a parent your damned if you do and damned if you don’t. But you are the parent not the onlookers.

I do this all the time.

I do this with my two. It matters not what others think…they aren’t their mother…and you know what…it works!!

I’d rather see this than seeing kids being smacked. Tesco need to invent a timeout corner.

However, according Cafe Mom, some believed Palai’s form of discipline to be public humiliation and rather harsh. Commenters wrote:

There are different and more respectful ways to involve children in cooperation. Also, did she really need to go public? It looks to me an attention-seeking action. Last, but not least, public humiliation (including online shaming) doesn’t work. Never.

Too many people these days expect children to be little robots.

I think it’s reasonable to take your kids to a calm down spot if they are getting hyper, but I don’t agree with taking a photo and publishing it for others to see.

Taking photos and sharing seems wrong to me. Just do it, it’s not something to share!

Which side are you on? Do you agree with this mom that necessary discipline should take place anytime anywhere, or should this mom keep her parenting to herself?

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