Editor’s Note: This article contains graphic content some readers may find upsetting.

A word to wise parents: When a child comes home from daycare and says an odd phrase about the day’s events or passively mentions a weird incident with staff, it’s a good idea to check things out.

Case in point: A New York mother’s alarm bells went off when her daughter came home making a comment about nap time. An immediate request to review security footage from the daycare revealed the disturbing reason her 3-year-old said it.


As the New York Daily News reports, 24-year-old Diasia Gillespie’s toddler, Lauren, came home from the Bambi Child Care Center in Crown Heights, New York, last week claiming that someone had “walked on her back”.

Gillespie immediately sat down with the owner of the center, Allison Reid, and an employee on duty that day, Ekaterina Silva, to review the footage from the security cameras in place.

In the video, Lauren is seen crawling out of her cot during nap time. An employee, Silva, walks over and picks up Lauren by the back of her shirt and carries her back to her bed. Silva is then seen spanking the child on the backside.

The footage then allegedly shows Silva sitting on the child’s back while holding her down. Gillespie is heard gasping while watching the footage as Silva appears to grab one of Lauren’s arms and hold it behind her back.


According to WABC, Silva defended her actions in front of Gillespie during their initial meeting, claiming that while she did hold onto the young child, she never caused any harm:

“I was holding her, but without hurting her, and she came down because she needs this pressure,” Silva said.

Gillespie, however, thought the woman’s actions were more forceful than she suggested. As she told WABC:

“She sat on her hips and legs, I was like, ‘Wow she could have broken her hips anything could have happened to my child,’ look how small she is.”

The Daily News points out that Russian-born Silva reportedly has a petite stature, weighing just 100 pounds and standing 5-feet 4-inches tall, yet a police source stated:

“It doesn’t take much to hurt a 3-year-old.”

The owner of Bambi Child Care Center told WABC that Silva, a temporary staff member, was trained in special education and used the method as a way to calm the child.

Reid further explained that Gillespie’s child was “hyperactive,” possibly from eating too much sugar:

“Nobody was walking on her back. (The girl) was all over the place and the teacher tried to put her back to bed several times. Eventually she grabbed her hair, which was so inappropriate, and kind of pushed her back to the bed.”

She claimed that Silva was attempting to console Gillespie’s daughter.


Reid maintains that her employee’s actions were not standard procedure and she was just as shocked to see them in a review of the footage. Silva has subsequently been fired.

Reid told the WABC:

“If I knew something was going on I wouldn’t have cameras.”

Silva has been charged with assault and harassment, and was released from jail on $3,000 bail.

A second employee in the security footage, seen sitting in a chair, was fired as well.

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