Abbey Clancy is expecting her third child with English soccer player, Peter Crouch, in January. But it hasn’t been easy for the mother-to-be, reports the Daily Mail.


In an interview with ITV, Clancy admitted to “terrible,” constant sickness:

“Head down the toilet, throwing up. It’s been a terrible five months.”

Ahead of the baby’s birth, Clancy, a model and host of Britain and Ireland’s “Next Top Model,” took to Instagram to show her 425,000 followers an intimate glimpse in the life of an uncomfortable pregnant woman. Though Clancy said her nausea’s subsided, she told followers she’s ready for the birth of her baby.

According to the Daily Mail, in addition to an Instagram video showing the expecting mom baring her bump with the caption “Surely your (sic) cooked,” Clancy wrote as a caption on another photo: “Hurry up and come out.”


On another shot, Clancey included a sticker with the word “Ugh”:


The mother of three’s decision to show the unglamorous side of pregnancy left some followers offended by the use of the word “ugh” to describe being pregnant, as Good to Know reports.

One commenter reportedly wrote: “doesn’t matter how amazing she looks why is [she] writing ‘ugh’ on it! Some people would do anything to have kids! Let alone complain for some people everything comes too easy and things are taken for granted! She needs to think before writing stuff like that on a photo.”


Another suggested the celeb mom didn’t deserve to lament the feelings of being heavily pregnant: “What some people would give for that bump!” “What a pioneering post in body positivity for your self and your followers,” another commenter added.


Clancy fired back to one unkind remark which had since been removed:

wow that’s not very nice! I’m proud of my bump and can post what I want and actually most women can relate if they have been pregnant! If it makes you uncomfortable don’t look. Simple.


Clancy and Crouch already have two children Sophia, six, and Liberty, two. According to the Daily Mail, Clancy said at one point she wants a big family, although she feared what the addition of a new baby will bring:

I’ve only got a few months left till I have the baby. It’s scary but I’m feeling good about it.

I’ve got a baby at home so it’s like “Oo! I’m going to have another one!” I’ve got a little girl, a baby and now I’m having another one.

I always wanted a big family so I feel extremely blessed but it is going to be hard work. I don’t think we’ll ever leave the house again, me and Pete!”

According to Good to Know, the couple is reportedly keeping the gender of their baby a surprise. As for more pregnancy photos on social media before the baby’s birth, it’s possible Clancy may just stick to the highlights.

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