A Missouri baby is being called a medical miracle.

Elizabeth Kough welcomed her fourth child Benjamin after she had her fallopian tubes removed nearly four years ago. The mom of three never thought she’d get pregnant again.

Then in 2018 Kough started experiencing pregnancy symptoms, reports ABC News. And oddly enough, the home pregnancy test came back positive.


Shocked by the news, the single mother of three went to the hospital to confirm the pregnancy results with her boyfriend because without fallopian tubes, it would be nearly impossible to be expecting.

Kough recalled:

“I said to the doctor, ‘I need an ultrasound. I had a procedure and this is not supposed to happen,’ The doctor did an ultrasound and Benjamin was right where he was supposed to be.”

A blood test and ultrasound showed she was indeed pregnant again even though medical professionals assured the divorced mom that her bilateral salpingectomy procedure would make it all but impossible for her to conceive.

She underwent the surgery in an effort to reduce her risk for ovarian cancer, which runs in her family.


Doctors at Meritas Health were also shocked by the miraculous event. Dr. Dawn Heizman an OB-GYN at the hospital said:

“I’ve delivered and participated in thousands of deliveries in the course of my 10-year career and this is the first of a case like this that I’ve seen. None of us have encountered this before.”

The only way to get pregnant after the removal of her tubes is through in-vitro fertilization. Doctors have confirmed she didn’t go through IVF to conceive Benjamin.

Heizman said:

“We know that eggs can travel in the abdominal cavity and get into the uterus. In Elizabeth’s case, it’s so rare because she has no tube to pick the egg up.”

In March, Kough gave birth to a healthy 6-ounce baby boy via planned cesarean section. Kough told “Good Morning America“:

“I also hit age 35 and they medically say at that age pregnancy becomes more high-risk. I was also divorced and single and had three children, which is quite a blessing for a family but I thought that was probably enough.”

The 39-year-old has three other older children ages  17, 11 and 9.

Watch the video below:

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  • Beckey 2 years ago

    A salpingoectomy is the removal of tubes. So why would she thing this would prevent ovarian cancer? It won’t. Removal of ovaries ( ooporectomy) will. And removal of ovaries would prevent any eggs at all!!!!!

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