Second chances can often lead to a thoughtful and redeeming experience. However, for Joanne Adoniadis and her two children, this was not the case.

Joanne first took her children to the Wet n Wild water park back in March.

As she and her daughter were changing, Joanne heard her son’s voice from the next cubicle, shouting that he could see them. The family left repulsed. Joanne told ChronicleLive:

“I was utterly disgusted to see a drill hole at waist height between the two. It was absolutely awful, the first thing that went through my mind was the worst possible scenario. It must have been at that level so an adult who didn’t know it was there wouldn’t see it. There’s no possible innocent explanation for that in my view.”

They reported the incident to the Wet n Wild staff, who allegedly filled the peep holes.

Screenshot/Chronicle Live

Chronicle Live spoke to the facilities manager who said:

“The safety and wellbeing of customers is of upmost importance at Wet ‘n’ Wild and we do not tolerate vandalism to our property. […] Our management staff have fully checked every single cubicle in our building and there are no other reports of related issues”

To compensate the family, the park provided them complimentary passes.

The Adoniadis family decided to take their chances and return on June 1. However, once again, Joanne discovered a peephole.

Screenshot/Chronicle Live

After the second strike, Joanne will not be returning to Wet n Wild. She told Chronicle Live:

“We are never going back with the kids, it just makes me think whoever has done this, if they are in the area, they could come back and do it again.”

Joanne has her own ideas of how the park should deal with the privacy violation:

“In my view, I would be checking each cubicle every day and you would be able to narrow it down as to when it was being done.”

Instances of people watching — or recording — other individuals isn’t totally uncommon. Last year, a woman noticed what appeared to be a plastic coat hook on the door of her room. Upon further investigation, she learned that it was actually a recording device.

For parents planning on taking their children to public parks and facilities, keep an eye out. Joanne warns:

“I really want to give awareness to other parents and families and children that go to be extra vigilant when they’re in the cubicle. Report anything if you see it.”

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