Rachel Ann Carpenter

When 9-year-old Nevaeh asked if she could dye her hair pink last summer, her mom told her she was too young.

But mom Rachel Ann Carpenter wrote on Facebook that she changed her mind after she nearly lost her daughter in an accident.


In an interview with Dearly, Rachel said her daughter was away at church summer camp when a demonstration with fire went horribly wrong. Nevaeh was badly burned. The mom said:

“It was a demonstration to symbolize the rebirth of Jesus and things of that nature. The camp doesn’t do the demonstration anymore.”

Rachel told PopSugar Moms that her daughter was rushed to the hospital. Nevaeh suffered from third-degree burns on more than 70 percent of her body.

Rachel Ann Carpenter

After three months of recovery and seven skin graft surgeries, Nevaeh was finally released from the hospital.

According to Good Housekeeping, the young girl was determined to get out of the hospital early. Rachel told the publication:

“Nevaeh fought so hard and was so determined to do things again like shower, eat, and walk that she didn’t slow down until she accomplished everything she had to do in order to be released.”

A few weeks ago, Nevaeh approached her mom again and asked if she could dye her hair. This time, Rachel took a step back to rethink her position.

Rachel Ann Carpenter

She told Dearly that she originally said no to avoid social judgment, but she realized how short and precious life is — even for her daughter:

“I just know how judgmental people can be, and I just figured she was 9 at the time … she has her whole life to change her hair if she wants.”

But since Nevaeh’s accident, Rachel has a new motto: “Life is way too short to say no all the time.”

So she let her do it.


Rachel told Dearly that she wants Nevaeh to live a full and safe life:

“Now I know how unexpected life is, and just because someone is young doesn’t mean anything. Time isn’t promised, and accidents don’t discriminate based on age!”

Since the accident, Rachel said she’s learned to pick her battles with her family.


She shared her story to encourage more parents to enjoy their time with their children:

“Hug your children tighter, tell them you love them as much as you can, and say yes more often!!!”

Rachel told Dearly that Nevaeh has been dancing around the house for weeks. The now-10-year-old girl has fully embraced her bright pink, summer look.

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