Oklahoma mom Vanesa Herrera usually puts her one-year-old daughter Azra in the high chair for snack time.

But on September 18, she put her in the walker instead. Herrera could have never guessed it would have disastrous consequences. She told KFOR:

“Usually, the routine is to put her in the high chair, give her a snack and then do whatever I needed to do but, this day, I put her in the walker… In an instant, everything just kind of changed.”

The mom had meat in a slow cooker on the kitchen counter. Azra used her walker to make her way towards it. Herrera said:

“The Crock Pot was still plugged into the island, and she got over there and pulled it down… She made a little sound, but I think she was in shock.”

The toddler was burned on her face and body as the hot liquid from the slow cooker fell onto her.

Herrera immediately started to panic. She called for help and was instructed by doctors to rush her daughter to INTEGRIS Baptist Children’s Hospital.

Azra was then flown to a hospital in Dallas where she was treated for second-degree burns. The infant was released after a few days but soon returned after a doctor said she was malnourished.

The mother said that “the burns had just sucked everything out of her,” KFOR reports.

In total, Azra remained hospitalized for more than two weeks.

Now, Herrera wants to warn other parents that it could happen to them too. She said:

“You never think it could happen to you – and you hear that a lot but, when it does happen to you, there’s just no words to really describe the feeling.”

The mom told Fox News that, thankfully, Azra is back home and a “happy girl.”

Watch the video below:


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