For three days, Mikah Arvidson was sick.

According to a Facebook post his mom, Aubrey, wrote, the 6-year-old got sick on Halloween night and  started “vomiting profusely.”

Eventually, Aubrey took her dehydrated son to his primary care doctor to get fluids when they learned the real reason why he was so sick.

Mikah got sick on a Halloween night and started vomiting profusely. He continued to be sick with what we thought was the…

Posted by Aubrey Hoopiiaina Arvidson on Saturday, November 3, 2018

And it was far from the flu like they had originally thought:

…they discovered Mikah swallowed something and it’s in his intestines. They have to do exploratory surgery because he has a bowel obstruction from it. They’re not sure what’s going on. All they know is he has a major bowel obstruction & are really concerned that he has a tear or a dead section of intestines. The surgeon said he’ll be here for at least 3-4 days or longer depending on what they find when they go in.

In an update written by both Aubrey and her husband, Blake, their son swallowed a handful of magnets — 14, to be exact.

And Mikah didn’t even recall doing it at first.


Blake wrote:

The surgeon just came in — there was a complication during surgery and they had to remove his appendix as well and fish out magnets from his large intestines as well.

They all were stuck together in the small intestines until they started pulling them out of him, then a few broke away and traveled down to the large intestines that’s when they had to remove the appendix to access to L.Intestine to get them. They’re still doing clean up from stuff that leaked out of holes in his small intestines. He said there’s a big risk of infection from all of this. The ended up removing a section of small intestines that was damaged from the magnets. He also managed to swallow what appears to be a small silver bullet. Seriously. Not sure where he got it from or why he swallowed all this stuff – 14 magnets in total.

He had to have a large incision made and it will take six weeks to heal. His intestines should start working within the next few days but they are going to keep him at the hospital until the middle of next week. He’ll have a feeding tube & stomach pump through his nose to help clean out his stomach till they work. It’s still up in the air depending on infections. Please send prayers still! He needs them.

A GoFundMe account has been created to help Mikah’s family with his medical bills.

Now, Blake and Aubrey are speaking out against the toy their son accidentally swallowed, which is made to help with symptoms of autism and ADHD.


In an interview with CafeMom, Aubrey said:

“Later we found out that his brother Curtis, who’s 11, had these ZEN magnets. They’re these tiny little magnets. They’re kind of a spinoff off of Buckyballs … they come in a little block, there’s 216 in a pack, and it’s an inch by an inch and you mold them, fidget with them, do different things. And so Mikah went in Curtis’ room and got these magnets, and then when Curtis came up the stairs, Mikah hid them in his mouth so that his brother wouldn’t know that he had them.”

Aubrey continued:

“Fourteen of those magnets are about the size of two to three peas, because I said to him, ‘Did you swallow them?’ And he said, ‘I think I might have swallowed like one.’ So maybe what [he] thought was one was 14. And he just didn’t think it was a big deal. He just cleared it from his memory. It was like something he didn’t think was important to say to anyone.”

The ZEN magnets are reportedly 20 times stronger than the average refrigerator magnets. As the mom said, “These aren’t stocking stuffer toys.”

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