A mother heartbroken over her son’s situation warns others about the dangers of vaping after a vape pen exploded in his mouth.

Mailan Krein shared her story with WVUE after injuries from the accident lead to Christopher needing reconstructive surgery.

Krein said that unfortunately, the 21-year-old picked up vaping while trying to quit smoking. She begged her son to ditch his nicotine habit, so he started using a battery operated device as a way to wean himself off cigarettes.

Up until the day of the explosion Christopher was using the vape brand called VGod. Then one day while getting ready for work, the pen fired off like an explosive. Krein said:

“He said it was like a shotgun that went off in his mouth.”

That’s when Krein got a call from her husband saying their son was in the ER. His jaw was broken in three places, and he had lost several of his teeth.

Screenshot/ Fox 8

Krein’s husband told her:

“Christopher’s face blew up.”

When she finally arrived at the hospital, she said:

“He had an IV in there, the doctor was trying to control the bleeding, there was blood everywhere, and all I could think to ask him was, ‘Do you still have your tongue?’ And he nodded yes.

I couldn’t even look at him because it made me sick to my stomach. That’s my baby.”

Krein added:

“It’s still shocking to me talking about it. I’m visualizing what my son is going through. He has several years to reconstruct his mouth.”

Krein started a GoFundMe to raise $20,000 for Christopher’s medical bills and surgery. The family has also hired an attorney after facing up to $300,000 in hospital bills.

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According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the boy’s explosion in one of 195 cases that have been reported since 2009.

The Louisiana Vaping Association’s issued the following statement regarding the accident:

Though instances like this are incredibly infrequent, they are most commonly the result of a corrupted or misused battery; however, without knowing specifics it’s hard to tell what may have happened.

On the company’s website, VGod warns about the dangers of batteries that can spark, gas, or produce acid.

Watch the video below:

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4 Replies to “Mom Thought Vape Pen Son Was Using Was Safer Than Cigarettes, Then It Exploded ‘Like a Shotgun’ in His Mouth”

  • Mary 2 years ago

    If this had been a toy, a car, or food contamination there would have been a national recall. But because it from an industry with powerful lobbying power it wouldn’t have been public except for the mother’s bravery. Vap products should never have been freely marketed, should have been prescription only in the first place.

    • Brian 2 years ago

      Firstly, I feel bad for the kid, and I hope he recovers swiftly. — Mary, if it was a toy, a car, or food contamination, there wouldn’t be anything at all. Especially not this typical sensationalist anti-vaping news article. It was a one-off, and the article itself even admits that improper battery safety was to blame. In actuality, mech mods, like the VGOD, are meant to be used by advanced hobbyist vapers only. Not beginners. You wouldn’t buy your son a 1200cc Harley Davidson to save on gas money when he doesn’t have a motorcycle endorsement. If this was not something that was explained to her at the vape shop, or online shop she obtained the device at (which I would be very surprised by) then I would agree that this is where the fault lies. But you blame it on a free market, rather than the responsibility of the user, and/or purchaser do even do the slightest bit of research. Nobody would ever recommend a beginner a mech mod who knew what they were talking about (i.e. a vape shop employee). I must agree that some regulation is needed, but what is this powerful lobbying you talk about? Vapers know that the Royal College of Physicians in Britain has found vaping to be 95% safer than smoking. It’s the lobbying of our corrupt State Governments(who are in debt to big tobacco), Federal Government (FDA), Big Tobacco, and Big Pharma that have the lobbying power. And are conveniently all located in the USA. Why is that studies that were done in Washington DC have influenced the Canadian government to shift their ideas on Vaping, but not our own? Why is it that in Great Britain the government is actually encouraging there workers to switch to vaping? Because… It makes their citizens more healthy, and therefore more productive! But here in the USA… they gotta keep us smoking to 1. Pay state taxes on each pack of cigarettes. 2. Pay big tobacco on each pack of cigarettes. 3. Pay the FDA when we our only choice is the nicotine gum (very low success rates), or take drugs that are shown to cause nightmares and/or suicide. 4. Pay big Pharma when we are sick more often, and eventually get cancer. Expect to see more articles like this in the future, and vaping getting banned in the USA, at the complete expense of public health for nothing more than profit. The exact appositive of what is the moral obligation of these powerful and disgusting Big 4.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    What Brian said!

  • Tim 2 years ago

    Misleading story. VGod does not make pens and the image shown is not a pen, it’s a mech mod (cigar), big difference. There are VGod branded pens from 3rd parties, but they are cheap CLONES which lack the proper safety circuitry and might explode. Furthermore, the rest of the story you’re not being told, just like many of the youth ecig modders out there, they are taking the vaping products and irresponsibly modding them at home thus deliberately making them dangerous explosive devices just because they want it to pump more power and give more cool obscuring vapor. NOT SO COOL ANYMORE NOW, is it genius? You know what you did. STOP LYING TO MOMMY!

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