On July 18, Ashley Bradley’s day was disrupted by a knock on the door.

According to Cafe Mom, Bradley had just put her son down for a nap in their New York home and wasn’t expecting any visitors. When she answered the door, a woman was standing there, holding a folder with her son’s name on it.

The woman told her she worked for Child Protective Services. But she didn’t. Bradley later wrote on Facebook:

WARNING FOR ALL PARENTS… I was just home with my son putting him down for a nap when a lady knocked on my door saying she was with Delaware County CPS and they were here to remove Ja’vonni from my care. At first I was so mad and hurt. I wasn’t thinking right but then I realized that she 1. Didn’t have a state issued badge, 2. My son’s name was spelled wrong on the folder she had in her hand and 3. I have no CPS cases so they would not have been coming to my house.

When I asked her for [proof] of who she is she got an attitude and stated I just told [you] who I am. I then told her I was going to call the police and went to get my phone. She was standing on my porch as I would not let her into my home. When I walked back out into my living room from getting my phone she was walking very fast around the corner of my house.

Following the exchange, Bradley said she called police to report what happened.

Authorities told her:

“People come from different countries and states, kidnap kids, and traffic them. It does not matter what the age.”

Bradley said the incident has been a learning experience for her. She said:

This mom is going to make sure her baby is safe and for anyone who experiences this, lock your door, call the cops and keep [your] kids with you till they get there.

Many have commented about how scary it must have been for Bradley to witness something like this:

Sad we have to live in fear someone might take our kids, everyone be aware of these criminals.

People are dangerous & will try anything for [money]. Everyone should beware.

Damn shame the world has come to this.

CPS wouldn’t randomly show up. You would know you have a case before anything else is done. That’s so scary!!!

This is just crazy scary. Thank you for sharing. Glad it ended well.

This is good Information. Parents stop putting all your family businesses on FB…you may be putting your child at risk.

In 2014, a very similar story was covered by WTHR in Franklin, Indiana. In that instance, the mom actually let the alleged CPS workers into her home to check on her children.

Luckily, the children were not kidnapped, but the mother didn’t know the CPS workers were imposters until she notified police after they told the mom that they “would be back” and left.

Bradley told Cafe Mom that other parents with similar experiences have reached out to her on Facebook.

The mom said she’s unsure of why the woman targeted her but offered this advice to other parents: “keep your kids close.”

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