A California mom is fighting to get laws changed after a worker at her daughter’s preschool allegedly took a photo of the girl’s bare bottom and posted it to Snapchat.

According to Shannon Galofaro, the picture was reportedly taken while her then-2-year-old daughter was sleeping during naptime.

During an interview with HLN, Galorfaro said it was Sunshine Child Care & Learning Center’s job to keep her daughter safe and that the preschool didn’t do that:

“I first learned about it when they first told me they didn’t tell me the whole story. They said it was just a little bit of her bottom was showing. I didn’t find out until almost three weeks later, and I was livid. I was so upset, and then I was sad, and now I just feel completely betrayed. I mean, my daughter was supposed to be safe.”

In an interview with Dearly, Galofaro said that four days after the August 2018 incident took place, she was told by the directors of the learning center that there was “an incident” involving her daughter and one of the teachers on August 31 during nap time:

“They said the teacher took a picture of my child, and her pants must have slipped down a little, and she posted it to Snapchat saying she’s ready for a three-day weekend. They also said the teacher has no malicious intent, and it was no big deal. They said they made the teacher delete it and escorted her off the premises.”

After asking why the school waited so long to notify her about the incident, she was told that it wanted to wait “until they were done with their own ‘investigation.'”

Shannon Galofaro

It wasn’t until roughly three weeks after the incident took place that Galofaro said she learned the truth about the incident.

As Galofaro told Dearly, another teacher who works at the center saw the video and reported it not only to the director of the learning center but also to the authorities and DSS.

The director allegedly told the teacher to “keep what you saw confidential and trust in Sunshine to do the right thing”:

“I went into the school to get a copy of my daughter’s file. They first refused to give me a copy, and I demanded they gave it to me. […] [The teacher] said she’s been wanting to tell me what happened. She said it was a VIDEO of my daughter sleeping face down with her bottom in the air. The blanket was on her perfectly flat as if it was just fixed. The video showed Kaitlyn removing the blanket off of my daughter. Her underwear was around her ankles and dress was up to her midriff. There was an emoji on her face and the caption said, ‘This girl is ready for that 3 day weekend.'”

Galofaro went on to say that the new “information shook me to the core”:

“I said, ‘That’s child pornography.’ She said, ‘Yes, it is!’ She also told me that she was the one to call the authorities and DSS. I thanked her for being such a good person and doing the right thing.”

According to Galofaro, on September 13, parents with children enrolled at Sunshine Child Care & Learning Center were given a letter that explained that the worker allegedly responsible for taking the photo of her daughter “left for personal reasons, and it went on about how much she will be missed.”

The letter made her even more “livid.”

According to the sheriff’s report, the former teacher said that she “meant no harm from the video she only posted the video in fun to get laughs out of the video.”

Shannon Galofaro

Now, Galofaro and her lawyer, Brian Claypool, are attempting to change California law after the video, according to the state’s law, was deemed “legal.”

Claypool told HLN:

“Apparently, in Los Angeles County, the prosecuting attorney doesn’t believe that the ‘Me Too’ movement also applies to children. I have been lobbying the district attorney in Los Angeles for weeks to prosecute, minimally, this teacher for what is called ‘criminal invasion of privacy.’

Now, Elizabeth, that law should apply, and there should be a prosecution. All you have to prove for that is somebody took a private picture of a private part for what is called sexual gratification. So now, the district attorney thinks that they can’t prove sexual gratification.”

Claypool continued:

“You tell me what rational, normal person would pull down the underwear of a 3-year-old, take a picture of her bottom and post it on social media without having a perverted interest or sexual pleasure behind that.”

The lawyer went on to say that the former teacher in question should be prosecuted for her actions because this particular case in question is “a game-changer.”

He said that if this case goes untouched the implications are “horrifying.”

Shannon Galofaro

Galofaro told HLN that she wants “justice for her daughter.” She added that justice looks like the teacher being prosecuted “first and foremost” and that laws need to change:

“What happened was not OK, and it’s not OK for somebody to take a picture of a child and exploit them like that. Imagine this is your child. How would you feel?”

The mom has since filed a civil suit.

She told Dearly:

“My daughter was having night terrors a week prior to the incident. She would wake up screaming, ‘She’s touching me, she’s on my leg.’ There was a point where she was begging me not to leave her at school. In therapy, it was disclosed that this was not an isolated incident and there was inappropriate touching as well.”

Galofaro is also upset that the sheriff’s department reportedly never did a “proper investigation”:

“The sheriff’s never held a proper investigation. Kaitlyn’s phone and computer was never confiscated. The school’s DVR was never confiscated to see if anyone even looked at the tape. There was a report made three weeks ago by my daughter’s therapist involving new information of physical misconduct. To my knowledge, they have not contacted her to add her statement to the police report.”

She continued:

“The law is not made to protect children. I will make that my life mission to be an advocate for children. I started a GoFundMe page to fund the establishing of a nonprofit. From there, I am starting a petition to change this law.”

The mom admitted that “never in a million years” did she think anything like this would ever happen to her child or family.

Galofaro urged “parents to please listen to your child and stay vigilant with anyone you trust your child with. Just because you mean well, not everyone is good. That’s the harsh reality of the world we live in.”

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16 Replies to “Mom Says Preschool Worker Took a Video of Daughter’s Bare Buttocks While She Napped. Now She Wants Justice”

  • Common Sense 2 years ago

    It is not okay to take pictures of other people’s children, bottom showing or not- especially when they are in your care. However, Galofaro sounds like she is quite dramatically turning a hill into a mountain.
    Snapchat is dangerous. People, especially much younger people, see something they might think is funny in the moment, and up on Snapchat it goes for their friends to see.
    I’m not saying this is okay, but the young daycare worker most probably was not being malicious or perverted; she was being stupid and imprudent. The girl was fired. What more does Galorfaro want? To ruin her life, and to have her labeled a predator?

    • Mo 2 years ago

      If she indeed did touch the child, then YES, she needs to be labeled a predator. There needs to be an investigation. If it were my child, I would do the same. There is no excuse for any of this. Children need to be protected. That’s it.

  • Ann 2 years ago

    Now the young child of three is having nightmares of being touch inappropriately. That age can’t make that s—- up. So is that making a mountain out of a mole hill?

  • Barbj 2 years ago

    Anyone who thinks this was “harmless” is a fool and maybe a whole lot worse. That pervert “teacher” should be in prison and branded a pedophile. That horrible daycare should be shut down. And the do-nothing sheriff and DA should be sued too.

  • Barbj 2 years ago

    She is a predator, you idiot.

  • Craig Murphy 2 years ago

    You’d better watch out for your pedophiliaphobia. It’s the new grievance in the land of intersectionality, especially because it’s such a long word and academics are so impressed by sesquipedalian.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    She pulled her underwear down and took the picture. You think this is a HILL are you kidding me? Do you have children? If so imagine this
    happening to your child would it still be a hill????

  • Lance Merlin 2 years ago

    Yes, Common Sense, ruin her life and have her labeled a predator. “This girl is ready for that 3-day weekend”? That says it all right there. With her pants down and her butt in the air. Plus it sounds like she was already being molested before this incident. I hear about too many bad things happening in preschools and it makes me start to wonder what sort of person takes a job like that. They might mean well, but the might be using it to simply get close to children, like Uncle Joe Biden, and his young girl groping. You really need to do your research on these people and places, and do surprise drop-ins from time to time to see what’s going on. Of course these days, with 8-year old drag queens being applauded, this is beginning to be the norm.

    But then your name, Common Sense, says it all. There is no such thing. You can have sense, or you can be common. What’s needed is a little uncommon sense.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    This person is a predator. This is child pornographers. Lock her up!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    This is serious and this woman need to be arrested and charged ,what she did was intentional and what goes on the internet is there forever ,all it takes is a tech smart pedophile and he will use that photo for his own sick perverted purposes, it wouldn’t surprise me if the teacher has done it before several times , California has become a shithole of the first order , hopefully with the mom going on TV and telling her story something will be done.

  • Andrea 2 years ago

    This incident needs to be investigated more..there may be other children as well, that it may have happened to and they have not said anything. Laws needs to be changed and children need to be protected.
    The staff, regardless of the situation need to be trained better in abuse practices, as they are MANDATORY child abuse/abuse reporters. They also need to go through the videos they might have when this incident happened.
    The staff member member should not be allowed to work with or be around children of any age. She need to also apologize the the family and be ordered to pay some kind of restitution of some type.

  • Darren Seabolt 2 years ago

    Well we already have this sick abortion thing and this sick gay marriage thing legal. Soon we will have this sick kind of thing legal too.

  • John Hand 2 years ago

    First off, the little girls FACE was not placed online. That, to a certain degree, mitigates the severity of the act. But still, should not have happened. Since the person who took and posted the photo is female, I doubt there was any ‘sexual gratification’ involved.

    And the parents saying now their little girl is ‘having nightmares?’ I doubt that. Can not be proved or disproved by any outside entity but is good fodder for creating a lawsuit for money.

    I am NOT saying the day care is innocent of any wrongdoing, nor am I saying the parents are fabricating stories, but one must step back and look at things rationally.

    • Mo 2 years ago

      You doubt that the child is having nightmares?? Ok everyone, there’s a man here who doubts a sexual assault actually occurred. Let’s just call the whole thing off and go home. It’s nothing.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    This is totally inappropriate. The person who did that should be fired , prosecuted to the full extent of the lad. And labeled as a sex offender.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Firing the teacher was the right thing to do. Letting the parent know the truth about what happened, and move forward!

    Just a suggestion….from this day forward. DO NOT ALLOW CELLPHONES IN THE CLASSROOM! Just my thoughts ??

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