A 13-year-old boy is receiving tons of recognition after his mother shared a video of him helping his elderly neighbor on Facebook.

Jordan Glover-Ingram was looking out the window one rainy Friday, while his mom prepared dinner when he was compelled to commit a noble act.

He darted outside and walked his elderly neighbor home holding an umbrella over their heads.

His mother Lizz Ingram was lucky enough to capture the moment and later shared it on Facebook.

She wrote:

My son was looking out of the window. Then I heard him FLY down the steps. I was gonna fuss at him…Until I saw why he did. ? He saw my elderly neighbor walking in the rainstorm without an umbrella on friday. And walked him all the way home. Wearing my slippers and my jacket. I love this boy yall…. #PositiveKids #RespectfulKids  #MySonJordan  #WhenAPrinceRecognizesAKing #ThatsLove #BeKindToOneAnother #JustDoIt #SpeadLoveItsTheBrooklynWay

According to Yahoo, Ingram said she was confused as to why Jordan had left the house so quickly without notifying her but was pleasantly surprised when she discovered the reason. She began recording the moment to share it with his father.

The single mother of two said:

“My kids don’t leave the house without permission. I ran down the stairs and I was gonna say, ‘Wait a minute, where are you going?’ And I see that he had the umbrella, and he held it over Mr. Robinson’s head.”

She later decided to share the video on social media. The video now has over 4 million views, almost 70,000 shares, and around 13,000 comments.

One user wrote:

Seeing this made me cry for joy. The son hit a home run on being a good neighbor, and Mom wins the cup on being a Mom.

As Yahoo reports, Ingram was surprised by the amount of attention the post was receiving.

She said:

“The notion that we are supposed to be courteous at all times comes from my upbringing. You never know what people are able and unable to do. You never know anybody’s circumstances when you walk into their homes. You have to do things like this; it’s courteous.”

Ingram says she reminds her children they can make their “own good news,” in contrast to what’s typically shown on the news. She notes that she is proud her son is receiving the attention “because society sometimes doesn’t see our young black men in this light.”

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3 Replies to “Mom Is Shocked When a Video of Her Son Goes Viral. He Was Only Helping His Elderly Neighbor Out of the Rain”

  • Colleen Bazyn 2 years ago

    Outstanding young man & an outstanding mom. You momma should be proud of your son and proud of yourself for bringing up a model citizen. We could use alot more like your boy!!!!!!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Momma Lizz, you have done a fabulous job teaching your young man. Congratulations

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    You are a fantastic mom and raising a great son. Bless you

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