Katie Page decided to become a foster parent after being unable to conceive while she was married to her now ex-husband.

Page, who was only in her 30s when her marriage ended, had always dreamed of becoming a mom, so she turned to fostering to make her dreams of being a parent a reality.

According to Inside Edition, Page officially became a foster parent on Mother’s Day 2016. The first few children to enter her home were only short-term placements before she got a call about adoption.

As Page told Inside Edition, she was approached by her caseworker about “fostering to adopt” a newborn child who was born with drug exposure.

The biological mom left just hours after giving birth, leaving behind fake personal information so that she couldn’t be found.

Just hours after receiving the call, Page was on her way to pick the baby boy up from the hospital:

“I fell in love the moment I saw him and held him in my arms. Welcoming a brand new baby boy into my home with less than a day’s notice was scary but the best I have ever chosen.”

She continued:

“He is beautiful inside and out. He attracts people to him everywhere we go with his sweet smile and calm nature.”

Page, who runs a blog called Wood and Grace, ended up naming her son Grayson, and his adoption became official on May 25, 2017.

After welcoming Grayson into her home, Page took several months off from fostering so that she and her son could settle in before she received another phone call from her caseworker two weeks after the adoption was made final.

Again, the caseworker told Page about another newborn who was in a similar situation to her son, Grayson.

As Inside Edition reports, Page “felt a strange calling to agree to take on another baby”:

“I started having strong suspicions that Grayson had siblings the day I accepted the baby girl into my home. I knew something was special about this little girl and that she might be a link to his family that we thought we would never know when I adopted him less than two weeks before.”

Not only was the baby girl born in the same hospital as Grayson, but she also had drug exposure and endured the same medical complications.

And on top of that, the fake name left by the girl’s biological mom was the same name and birthdate left by Grayson’s. However, this time the mom was interested in keeping in contact with her child.

Page told Inside Edition that her initial meeting with the woman helped fill in the holes, making it more clear that Page’s suspicions were right.

Ultimately, a DNA confirmed that Grayson and the girl, named Hannah, were biologically related:

“I was devastated for Grayson that he had just been left at the hospital with no information about his family and who he was. To have this little girl help us unravel huge pieces of the puzzle about his life and change his story forever was a huge blessing.”

Page said the bond between the brother and sister is already “amazing”:

“I felt God clearly brought them together for a reason despite all the odds that could have kept them apart forever.”

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Oh my! I think my followers just tripled in a matter of days ?. I don’t even know if I have done an introduction ever on my account, but it seems appropriate with so many new amazing people following our journey. ? I’m Katie, a single mom who trust God and took a leap of faith… and somehow ended up with a miracle I never could have dreamed in my wildest dreams. I am SO blessed to be the mom to Grayson (2.5 yo) and Hannah (1.5 yo) and two fur babies Henry and Heidi. And I pray to add their brother Jackson (5 mo) to the family this year. I work in the construction industry helping to building hospitals and other commercial buildings. I love DIY home projects and lately figured out how to sew… so on an adventure to make cute things for my babies and the home. I am originally from Alabama, but I have called Colorado home for 10 years. I miss the beaches of the Florida panhandle, but I also love the mountains. Chocolate is my biggest addiction ?. I do not go a day without it! My favorite color is white ☁️ I have no idea what else to tell you about me… but feel free to ask if I didn’t share enough! Thank you SO much for following us on this crazy adventure ❤️ #fostercare #singlefostermom #thisisfostercare #chooselove #momlife #fosterlove #fostertoadopt #adoption #mightymamasbyadoption #adoptionrocks #fostermama #fostering #fosterbaby #thisisus #fostercareis #itsworthit

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Since adopting both Grayson and Hannah, Page is already in the process of adopting a third child, who is also the younger sibling of both Grayson and Hannah.

Page told “Good Morning America“:

“I was a single woman in a four-bedroom house and now every room in my house is full. It’s never dull. People ask me all the time, ‘How do you do it?’ I never thought I’d have three babies, but God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.”

While introducing herself to her new followers on Instagram, Page wrote:

I’m Katie, a single mom who trust God and took a leap of faith… and somehow ended up with a miracle I never could have dreamed in my wildest dreams. I am SO blessed to be the mom to Grayson (2.5 yo) and Hannah (1.5 yo) and two fur babies Henry and Heidi. And I pray to add their brother Jackson (5 mo) to the family this year.


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9 Replies to “Mom Didn’t Know Adopted Daughter Had a Brother. A DNA Test Showed That He Was Already Part of the Family”

  • PBM 2 years ago

    blessings to the family.

  • Dee smith 2 years ago

    Just wow bless her heart my mom kept all her babies but died in 1953 when I was 5 we were all kept together by the last man she married in 1948 . He promised her that one last wish we all have different fathers my sister and I did our DNA and our finding big surprises

  • Jamie 2 years ago

    I am really glad for Katie. The woman who gave birth to the kids may end up supplying her with a dozen children. It would be great if the birth mother could get some help.

  • David Jones 2 years ago

    Is she an angel? Just curious.

  • David 2 years ago

    The birth mom needs to be fixed so she doesn’t keep on having sick babies she won’t raise. As far as Katie Page is concerned, GOD has Blessed you and these three siblings because of you. What are the chances you wound up being able to adopt all there siblings? You are an ANGEL that is hiding your Wings and Halo!!!

  • Betty Conner 2 years ago

    I wish you every happiness and I do not have to say God Bless, he is doing that already. What you are doing is wonderful. I also live in Alabama. I wish you and the children a wonderful life together. May you and the children have a blessed life together.

  • Patricia 2 years ago

    So happy for you and especially for the children! I pray the bioparent gets some much needed help and stops having children born into drugs.
    Y’all have been abundantly blessed w/ea.other!
    ? ??

    There may be difficult roads ahead because of the drug abuse, please know there are those of here that’ll here that will listen and support you.

    I, for one , would love seeing updates on your
    “ babies” as they grow if at possible.
    My family and I wish you much joy , laughter,
    Love , faith, peace, strength and an enormous amount of never ending patience with each other and so many warm hugs

  • Kathleen Jeffers 2 years ago

    YOU are an Angel sent here for these beautiful babies that are yours! Thank you God!!!??????

  • Debbie 2 years ago

    I wonder how many more babies this drug addict woman will pop out. Unfortunately, these kids are high risk to end up the same.

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