A breastfeeding mother is speaking out after she was initially turned away from an Ariana Grande concert because of her breast pump.

Kate Aulette told WXYZ that businesses need to do a better job at educating themselves about breastfeeding after she was told she needed to have her baby with her in order to bring her pumping device into the concert.

The busy, working mom of two said she was looking forward to a kid-free night with her husband — watching the singer perform in Detroit last Friday — so she called the venue about the pumping device in advance to make sure the night went smoothly.


However, when the mom tried to carry her breast pump inside the arena, security stopped her at the checkpoint. Aulette explained:

“I had called before the Ariana Grande concert to make sure that my breast pump would be able to be brought into the facility. ‘Absolutely, it’s a medical device. You’ll have no problems bringing it in.’”

But that turned out to not be true due to “super strict” security measures following the 2017 Manchester bombing attack at Grande’s concert in England that left 22 people dead and more than 100 injured.

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dear sweetener / thank u next tour audience friends, ?✉️ we’re sending out emails soon encouraging you to order a clear bag to bring your things into the venues as security is going to be very precise and smooth but for sure super strict. they’re super cheap and simple but having them ahead of time will for sure help things go as smooth as possible so if you see this in your emails please don’t ignore it! my team n i appreciate it very much! p.s. any clear bags within a certain size (all info will be in the ✉️) are totally fine to bring if you already have your own, i just wanted to make sure you saw these and knew about all this ahead of time so everything can go as smoothly and safely as possible. love you. thank you!

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Concertgoers were only allowed to bring clear bags into the venue. Aulette said:

“The gentleman had said, ‘No. We’re not going to allow you to bring that in. You would need to have your baby with you if you wanted to bring that device in.’ So that really threw me off because that was the whole reason I was bringing my pump is because I wasn’t bringing my daughter with me to the concert.”

After the mom was denied entry, she shared her story with other Michigan moms on Facebook to prevent a similar situation.

I really debated about posting this but felt like it was important to share to spread the word about…

Posted by Kate Aulette on Monday, April 8, 2019

Aulette wrote:

I really debated about posting this but felt like it was important to share to spread the word about breastfeeding/pumping moms and what they go through in order to provide for their child.

She continued:

Look in all honesty it’s not my favorite thing to bring with me places but I gotta do what I gotta do to keep my baby fed and myself from getting engorged which can cause a whole lot of other medical problems.

Moms who read the post shared Aulette’s reaction to the incident and said: “are you kidding me?”

Little Caesars Arena profusely apologized to the nursing mother following the incident and told WZZM the situation was just one big misunderstanding. The company’s policy is to allow moms to bring medical devices, including breast pumps, into the venue.

Aulette said she eventually returned to her vehicle and pumped her milk.

She shared a picture of herself emptying her breast milk in the car.

Watch the video below:

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