With cold and flu season dragging on, there’s no shortage of well-intentioned advice being shared to help loved ones recover.

One home remedy for the common cold is so popular—and simple—it’s been shared almost 330,000 times. And all it requires is a pair of socks and one raw potato.

In a post on Facebook, mom Debbie Vigan shared she had read about treating illness by putting sliced potatoes in a child’s sock and decided to try it on her son, Deairres, who was suffering from a cold.

Vigan followed the natural home remedy and shared not only was her son less congested the following morning, but his nose wasn’t running, he didn’t cough through the night, and he slept for a full 12 hours.

Vigan also discovered the sliced potatoes had turned nearly completely black upon removing them from the socks.

“[Now] before people mention ‘oxidation,'” Vigan wrote, “[I] left the other parts of the potato on the counter to see the difference and…”

Commenters were amazed by the difference:

Other moms have claimed the home remedy worked for them as well. British mom, Shannon Williams, said she saw Vigan’s post and decided to try it on her sick 4-year-old, reports the Daily Mail.

Williams said her daughter’s cold symptoms improved quickly:

“She isn’t congested anymore, still has a bit of runny nose and a bit of a cough but like I said it doesn’t take it all away just helps to get rid of it quicker.

I am going to do this again tonight, this is what they came out looking like they’ve took most of the toxins out of her body that were making her so poorly!! She says she feels better than she did last night at bedtime.”

Although there is no scientific evidence to support the claim raw potatoes draw toxins out of the body, thereby reducing fevers and curbing illnesses, reports Cafe Mom, pediatrician Jarret Patton said there’s no risk in trying:

“Many home remedies are not harmful to your child. Putting potatoes into the socks at night falls into this category.”

Patton told the publication parents who don’t have success with the treatment shouldn’t be discouraged, as there are other home remedies that do work. As he told CafeMom:

“For minor viral illnesses, trying a harmless home remedy is a great first step in the treatment of your child.

He added, “Every cough and sniffle does not need to be evaluated by a physician unless the symptoms are prolonged.”

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