Jessica Oates is up against the Barbers Hill Independent School District in Texas— and she’s not backing down.

As WFSB reports, the woman’s 4-year-old son was asked to leave as his long hair broke a school rule. The school told Oates to make a change or don’t bother bringing him back to school.


The school’s policy requires that boys wear their hair above the eyes, ears, and neck. Oates was made aware of the policy when she registered her son.

Nonetheless, she chose not to abide by the policy. She explained:

“He’s never had a haircut. It’s just kind of a part of his identity.”

Though Oates was told she needed to provide a letter that the hair length was due to a religious or cultural exception, she claims that her son was kicked out for violating the dress code before she was given a chance to provide one.


The mom tried to get around the long hair dilemma by putting his hair in a bun, but that didn’t pass the test either.

And Oates flat out refuses to follow the rules on this one:

“That’s who he is. I don’t believe in it. I will not cut his hair.”

She plans on fighting the policy, explaining that she doesn’t “believe that short hair should be required to get an education.”


According to ABC7, she said:

“I feel like my son is owed the same education that all other children in this school district have.”

The school district released a statement regarding the incident. In it, they made known that they are standing their ground about the dress code:

Our local elected board has an established policy based on community expectations, and Barber Hills administration will continue to implement the said policy.

It appears that until the hair is cut off, Oates’s son will not be joining his classmates.

Do you think he should be forced to cut his hair?

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