A 22-year-old English mom is warning parents after she made a disturbing discovery while getting her 1-year-old ready for a bath.

Brogan Thomas was taking off her daughter’s clothes to put her in the tub last month when the toddler started screaming, according to People.

When she got the Kaylah undressed, she saw that the toddler was covered in red marks and “it looked like she’d been in a fire.”

Posted by Brogan Thomas on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Thomas rushed her daughter to the hospital where it was determined that she’d been infected with herpes and developed a strong reaction because her immune system wasn’t as strong as an adult’s.

Kaylah had to remain in treatment for four days and could have died, said doctors.

The mom later learned that the infection like came from a kiss given by someone with a cold sore. However, Thomas doesn’t know who that could have been.

She’s now warning other parents that kisses from strangers can be dangerous.

Thomas took to Facebook where she shared photos of her daughter’s herpes along with a powerful message.

So I've just seen a post about how parents go over the top about people kissing the child on the lips and that it's…

Posted by Brogan Thomas on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The mom wrote:

So I’ve just seen a post about how parents go over the top about people kissing the child on the lips and that it’s perfectly fine? Well I can tell you now that’s not the case. I’ve been there with my Kaylah when someone who’s had a coldsore has kissed her on the lips,one minute she was ok the next she wasn’t, numerous hospital admissions and scares and this was the result herpercitum!

Thomas concluded:

Please please don’t kiss children on the lips ( but parents)! We was very lucky we caught it when we did!

Kaylah will now have herpes for the rest of her life. The mom said it’s unclear if her marks will ever clear up fully because she’ll always carry the virus, People reports.

Thomas said the toddler is “still very uncomfortable, not sleeping as well as she normally does and really clingy to both me and her dad.”

She hopes their experience will help educate others about the dangers of a seemingly innocent kiss.

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7 Replies to “Mom Says Toddler Looked Like ‘She’d Been in a Fire’ After Stranger With Herpes Kissed Her”

  • William conley 1 year ago

    Hold up how do you get herpes for life all over your body from a cold sore kiss on the lips? Last time I checked cold sore type of herpes wasn’t permanent this doesn’t add up. I’ve had a cold sore once before never gave me herpes for life the kind that’s as far as I know the STD that’s much more serious and life long. Regardless I feel sorry this poor baby has to have herpes all over her body so much for a normal life for her.

    • ALC 1 year ago

      Cold sores ARE herpes. There is Herpes Simplex 1 & Herpes Simplex 2. One causes cold sores the other causes sores “down there”. Herpes is in your body for life. The virus hibernates in your spine. So yes, you are still infected even though you dont have an active sore. I get cold sores. Its usually in the Spring when I am out in the sun a lot more. Sun & stress can trigger an outbreak. Now the one “down there” is more deadly for women if they are pregnant. Most OB’s will automatically do a c-section. A baby delivered during an outbreak is infected an can go blind.

  • harri 1 year ago

    cold sore herpes IS PERMANENT. this virus stays with you for life. hope this kid is now getting Vitamin D to get her levels in the 60-100 range in the blood

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      Yes cold sore herpes is for life! I get them a lot since I was a kid. They clear up but you carry the virus forever and have breakouts.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    I was wondering if maybe mom passed it to the baby and it was dormant in the baby for a while?

  • Deborah Horne 1 year ago

    As a mother and a grandmother people should never kiss a child on their lips , cheek yes but no not on their lips , it is a shame a baby should have to go threw this – people need to think before they kiss a child !!

  • Tay 1 year ago

    That is so sad why would anybody want to kiss someone else child then on the lips what happen to kissing them on the hand I haven’t never kissed my own kids on the lips I always watched people around my kids I feel sorry for this lil baby

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