Danielle Hall wants her daughter to be a professional model, even though the girl is still in diapers.

As Mamamia reports, the 20-year-old U.K. mom has created an Instagram account for 11-month-old, Isla. She told the Sun that her daughter has already done a bit of modeling and is hoping to get more:

“She’s starred in an advert for Alzheimer’s Society and she’s with a modelling agency.  I want her to be a model.”

Danielle entered Isla in her first beauty pageant at about 6 months of age, where Isla came in second and won “Most Beautiful.” Danielle added, “Most recently she scored higher. It’s given me a taste. She’s signed up for even more this year.”

The beauty pageants require glitzy clothing, which Danielle complements with stick-on earrings and sparkly nail polish for Isla. And when it comes to Isla’s Instagram account, the mom doesn’t hide what she goes through to make her baby look picture-perfect.

Danielle told the Sun that she uses online editing tools to airbrush the toddler’s photos:

“I’ve edited out milk spots, snot and redness but nothing major. I’ve not altered her appearance that much.”

The mom went on to explain that they often work with companies that give them discounts or free clothing in order to be featured in Isla’s photos. That’s why “She can’t be red and snotty in the pictures.”

Danielle sees airbrushing her daughter’s photos as part of her arrangement with the companies whose goods she promotes. That means ensuring that her baby is blemish-free in the online product. As she told the Sun:

“She is very photogenic. Removing her minor flaws is just like altering the lighting — it makes companies happy because the photographs looks professional, rather than as if they were taken on a mobile.”

While Danielle doesn’t see an issue in editing out her daughter’s flaws, the practice rang alarm bells for online readers. Several weighed in on Twitter to discuss how this could be damaging for the girl in the long run.

Danielle, however, is undeterred. In fact, she told the Sun that she plans to start Isla with manicures, pedicures, and make-up within the next year or so:

“She already enjoys having my foundation brush brushed over face. I’ll probably put makeup on her when she is one to two. It’s harmless.”

While the mom is aware that some people might have an issue with her plans for her daughter, she isn’t worried. She told the Sun that Isla, “enjoys it. And if she wants to stop when she is old enough she can at any time. I would never force her into anything.”

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2 Replies to “Mom Wants Toddler Daughter to Be a Model. That’s Why She Airbrushes Her Baby’s Instagram Photos”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    That kid needs more than an air brush. But then, so does mom

  • Victoria Chick 2 years ago

    This is so sick. Of course Mom has a lovely baby, but manipulating her daughter to be what SHE wants her to be is way off base.

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