Kim Jones and her husband, Leo Jones, made an instant connection when they were first introduced nine years ago. According to the Mirror, their connection was so immediate and so strong that Leo asked Kim to travel to New Zealand with him just months after they met — and she agreed.

After returning from their trip abroad, the pair got married. They learned they were expecting their first child, a boy, three years later.

However, after discovering they were pregnant, Leo started to experience unexplained mood swings.

As the Mirror reported, for three years, Leo experienced intense headaches, of which doctors couldn’t figure out the cause. Kim said his personality changed as a result of the headaches.

In fact, she initially believed the mood swings were the result of Leo not loving her anymore or not wanting the baby they had welcomed into the world. She explained:

“He had always been fit and well, so it was unusual. He went to the doctor, but he was told it was nothing to worry about.”

Then, in August 2014, just after they learned Kim was expecting their second child, Leo’s health took a turn for the worse, leaving him bedridden for days at a time.

Kim told the Mirror:

“The pain was so bad, he was literally banging his head against the wall. They would be really severe, before subsiding and coming back again. I even asked him if he was putting it on, because they kept coming and going, and he was so moody. I said I couldn’t put up with it anymore and had to ask our family for help.”

He was hospitalized multiple times over the next two years, but Leo still didn’t have an answer for what was causing the pain.

Finally, in February 2016, Kim and Leo made an appointment at a hospital in Bridgend, Wales. The day of his appointment, Leo began shaking uncontrollably.

And that was the first time a doctor took Leo’s condition “seriously”:

“The doctor looked in to his eyes, saw a mass and sent us straight for a scan. They told us they’d found a tumour and Leo was relieved that someone was finally taking him seriously. That day, they transferred us to Cardiff’s University Hospital of Wales, where they had better facilities.”

Shortly after his appointment, Leo was diagnosed with a high grade two astrocytoma glioma.

Noah and Evelyn/JustGiving

According to the American Brain Tumor Association, “any tumor that arises from the glial, or supportive tissue, of the brain is called a ‘glioma.’” One type of glioma is the astrocytoma. Per the website:

Astrocytomas are named after astrocytes, the star-shaped cells from which they grow. Many patients with grade II gliomas are done a great disservice by being told that their tumors are benign.

Kim admitted that when Leo’s headaches first started getting worse, the possibility of them being caused by a tumor did cross her mind. However, as she told the Mirror, she assumed a tumor would have been discovered during the countless doctor’s visits they made over the years, so she had “ruled it out.”

Noah and Evelyn/JustGiving

The following day, he endured 11 hours of surgery so doctors could remove as much of the tumor as possible. Kim said:

“I was so shocked. […] They told us that if we had left it for a couple more days, he would have been dead.”

Unfortunately, within two months of being diagnosed with astrocytoma glioma, Leo’s condition became a much more serious grade three anaplastic astrocytoma, meaning the tumor was growing.

Noah and Evelyn/JustGiving

In April 2016, Leo endured his second 11-hour surgery, but they had to stop nearly halfway through. Kim explained:

“The tumour was wrapped around everything. He was awake this time, whereas he’d been sedated before, and when his speech stopped, they had to stop. He couldn’t speak for a couple of months afterwards.”

In addition to his two surgeries, Leo also faced six sessions of chemotherapy and 30 rounds of radiation treatments. He was given one to three years to live.

Noah and Evelyn/JustGiving

After receiving the news of his life expectancy, his family was understandably devastated. Kim said:

“It’s just horrendous, as his wife, seeing him go through this and it’s heartbreaking for the kids. Our son, Noah, asked me if Daddy was going to the stars. He shouldn’t even know to ask that. […] The children come up and lie with Leo, even if he’s in bed for days and tell him stories. Sometimes, it’s like he’s not my Leo any more. He’s still there but he’s fading and it’s very difficult to see.”

Kim’s mom has since set up a JustGiving page in order to raise money so Leo can make as many memories with his two children as he possibly can over the next couple of years. She wrote on the page:

Leo is a heroic father who gives every essence of himself to his wife and children. Leo wants to create magical memories for the children. The children deserve to have the experiences and capture the memories that families create.

As Kim pointed out, it is “so important to them to spend time with their dad while they can.”

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