Mother of two and well-loved mom blogger Laura Mazza is never one to sugarcoat the truth.

Since her family expanded from two to four, Mazza is quick to acknowledge the challenges that accompanied the growth.

Mazza first met her husband Domenic when she was 21. Though they didn’t date then, nor cross paths again until years later, she knew he was the one for her. She wrote:

I was single and sworn off men and he literally walked past me and back into my life and I knew he was the one. I just knew. I can’t explain it. I wanted babies with him, I wanted marriage. I wanted it all and so did he. And we got it.

However, the initial bliss that accompanies marriage and an exciting new life turned to exhaustion and challenges.

After their first baby, the happy couple soon became near-strangers. Mazza even admitted that she’d forgotten what the love of her life smelled like. While Domenic slept on the couch, Mazza cried about the lack of sleep. As things continued to deteriorate between the pair, they began to silently resent each other. She wrote:

[W]e were just two ships passing each other in the night. […] We didn’t make an effort to love each other, talk to each other… we were just zombies. Housemate zombies.

That’s when Mazza decided she wanted things to change. She wanted to escape the dangerous cycle of resentment and disappointment. So, she explained, they tried a little harder.

Day by day, the couple put in a little more effort. She “stopped expecting perfection” and setting her expectations too high. She realized that there was no “secret formula” to happiness, that the struggle to work together was “real love.” And sometimes, that includes obstacles, anxiety, arguing, and occasionally “going to bed angry,” but that’s “real life and that’s real marriage.”

And rather than be resigned to the frustrations, she learned that it’s better to make the best out of a tough situation. Mazza explained:

Its [sic] scary sometimes but the best part is that it is doing it all and not having to do it alone. It is getting to spend the days with your best friend and instead of pushing each other away, it is acknowledging yeah, this is hard, but together, we will get through it. And this too shall pass. And there’s no one better to go on the rollercoaster of life with.

[H]e loves me… and I him. That’s what matters.

And although she may not look the same as she did when she was in her 20s, Domenic still makes his wife feel like “the most beautiful girl in the world.” Why? Because, she wrote:

I’m the girl he fell in love with and I’m the woman he will always love. And he is the man I saw and I just knew…I JUST knew he was the one.

She added: “I can’t ever let that go.”

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