Kiley Lane thought she had come down with the flu.

According to Fox News, when Lane started feeling nauseous and experiencing intense stomach pains her husband convinced her to go to the hospital. During her first visit, the mom of one was told she had “blockage” and was prescribed laxatives to help.

But the 27-year-old’s symptoms persisted and after experiencing shortness of breath, she visited the hospital once again. This time, as Lane’s mom Julie Barron told Fox News, the doctors thought she “may be faking it.”

Her condition continued to worsen until she was was put on a ventilator. Meanwhile, every test she underwent came back negative. According to Barron:

“She was getting sicker and sicker and nobody seemed to want to listen. She didn’t test positive for pneumonia, the flu, hepatitis – nothing she tested for was coming back.”

Finally, Lane tested positive for hantavirus.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people can become infected with hantavirus through contact with a hantavirus-infected rodent or its feces and urine. As the CDC reports, rice rats, deer mice, cotton rats, and white-footed mice are all carriers of hantavirus.

Hantavirus can progress to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), which can be fatal. HPS is a severe respiratory disease. There has not been a case reported in the United States where HPS was transmitted from one person to another.

Barron explained how the virus has taken a toll on Lane’s body:

“This virus starts attacking your body, it damages your organs. The first thing that happened with Kiley is her lungs. They’re in real critical shape.”

Lane has been hooked up to an Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) machine since February 5. Barron said they are now playing a waiting game:

“A month ago, she was planning a trip to Costa Rica with her best friend from college. Now she can’t even go to the bathroom by herself. She hasn’t seen or talked to her daughter in a month. She can’t even watch TV.”

Barron wants to bring attention to how dangerous hantavirus can be and how it can happen to anyone.

She told Fox News:

“It’s not like she was digging through a dumpster or around infected rodents. She was doing her normal, everyday routine – sweeping the porch, wiping off a box with a paper towel. Everyone has the impression, ‘that’s never going to happen to me.’ We can’t sit back and let things like this be swept under the carpet. I want people to know about the virus and to keep the name in open communication so that nobody else has to go through this. Not one person.”

February 23 was the last time Barron posted an update regarding her daughter’s health on Facebook. She wrote:

Please share this!! Set back…. lungs are worse today than yesterday. I can’t express my disappointment and am taking a break from the room. Someone was in stall number 2… so I came to get a Dr. Pepper. Meltdown ahead… but first I just want to share this. Please help stop this from happening to anyone else! Just so people understand, a month ago Kiley was planning a girls trip to Costa Rica. And now she can’t pee on her own. She will someday but it may take a year. 728 people have been documented with cases of Hantavirus. Thirty -six percent of them died. Now the people infected die about 50% of the time because it goes UNDIAGNOSED! Just imagine your loved one with flu like symptoms… and you ask is it Hanta??? Most likely they will say no probably not…. but when it’s YOUR child, is probably good enough??? Is it ok not to check?? The only reason kiley is still alive is because they finally checked… after several days… then… it IS positive… and the lifesaving ECMO machine is not available …..ridiculous! Say enough!!!! El Paso doesn’t have this ability! Every hospital, should have the correct resources… we are building prisons and shutting down healthcare! More love, less laws. If all you are doing is arguing on social media about the latest media spin, please start DOING something by calling, emailing, tweeting… or wait until you can’t find a place to cry your own eyes out. Thank you for sharing this story…

A family friend has since set up a YouCaring page to raise money for Lane’s medical expenses.

Barron says that Lane has had some good days and some bad. As of right now, it is unclear if Lane will be able to make a full recovery.

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