On June 5, Sabrina Robinson filed a lawsuit against a Lakewood police officer after he allegedly violently man-handled her daughter in the Lakewood Public Library.

In November of 2016, J.G., 17, and her brother, D.J., 11, spent the afternoon at their local public library, a place they frequented often, according to the mother.

As reported in the filed lawsuit, J.G. and D.J. were sitting quietly together in the children’s section of the library, playing on their respective electronic devices. Officer Kevin Jones, who worked at the library for a secondary job, continuously stared them down, according to the complaint.

J.G. was listening to music on her cellphone and allegedly willingly complied when Officer Jones asked her to turn it down. When her cellphone went off, according to the complaint, Officer Jones told the girl to “shut the f*** up.”


The siblings moved to a different section of the library after Officer Jones’s stares became too much. Eventually, he found them and told J.G. to remove her feet from a chair, says the lawsuit. Again, she allegedly complied. The officer then apparently ordered J.G. to leave the library.

As shown in the video footage above, she rose to leave and said ‘excuse me’ to Jones.


Unfortunately, manners were lost on Officer Jones. According to the lawsuit:

Without provocation or justification, Officer Jones grabbed J.G. by the arm, placed his hand behind her neck, and began pushing her roughly towards the exit. […] Officer Jones pushed J.G. into a book cart and she tumbled to the ground. On the ground, he placed her arms behind her head in a full nelson, hoisted her back to her feet, and dragged her towards the front door. J.G. continued to cry out in pain and terror.

The lawsuit reported that the officer fell on top of her, with no regard to how much weight he was putting on the girl. Unable to cushion her fall, J.G.’s jaw snapped on impact with the concrete.

Though other officers were called to the scene, none made an effort to help J.G. As the lawsuit states:

[Officer Jones] hovered over her as she bled, then stood in front of her on the steps, re-hashing his attack on J.G. and laughing with the other officers about clocking out early rather than calling an ambulance to attend to the crying teenager. As the officers laughed and joked about her, J.G. sat–holding her bleeding mouth–with her little brother.

An ambulance came nearly 20 minutes after the incident. J.G. had a dislocated jaw, a head injury, and a knee injury.


Since the attack, J.G. was diagnosed with severe depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Neither she nor her brother has returned to the library since, for fear of having another run-in with Officer Jones.

The family’s attorney, Subodh Chandra, said in a news release:

As parents, we expect that our children will be safe at a public library and that library employees will protect them from violence, not attack them.

Officer Jones is still an active member of the community’s Police Department.

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