Like mom Julie Linscheid Muhr wrote on Facebook, “kindness exists.”

And according to Muhr, she and her son Tyler — who is colorblind — got a taste of that kindness when one of his classmates “saved up his own money to buy Tyler a pair of ‘color blind’ glasses.”

That friend, Thane, surprised Tyler with the glasses at school last month so that “he could finally see color” for the first time.

Muhr posted a video of that moment on Facebook. Watch below:

Kindness exists. My son Tyler is color blind. His classmate saved up his own money to buy Tyler a pair of “color blind” glasses so that he could finally see color. Today he surprised Tyler at school with them. You can’t tell but in the video Tyler has many classmates standing around him. They erupt in cheers when he announces that the glasses work and he sees color. This sweet boy Thane did this out of the goodness of his own heart. ? #CHC #cherryhillschristian #bekind

Posted by Julie Linscheid Muhr on Thursday, February 14, 2019

And in an interview with Dearly, Muhr said the glasses have helped add to the everyday conversations she has with Tyler now.

Read what Muhr had to say below:

Dearly: Can you describe the difficulties Tyler may have had dealing with colorblindness?

Muhr: “Obviously, schoolwork. He had no interest in art. He plays sports. I have to explain to his coaches, so something as simple as, ‘Hey I need you to skate over to the orange cones.’ And he honestly doesn’t know. At this age, not a ton of difficulties, just schoolwork. I just have to make everyone aware because otherwise, it seems like he’s being defiant or joking around with them.”

Dearly: What were some of the difficulties you had to deal with as a parent realizing your child is colorblind?

Muhr: “It was hard because I couldn’t tell what he could see and couldn’t see, because there’s no way for him to describe it to me. I mean like, he’s seriously learning his colors for the first time. We’ll walk around, and he’ll see a car and be like, ‘Hey, what color is that car, Mom?” And I’m like, ‘I’d describe it as copper, I guess.’ And he’d be like, ‘Gosh, well, I really like that color.’ So it was hard not being able to completely understand where he was at. A lot of times, he comes down in mix-match clothes, and I’ll just kind of be like, ‘Hey buddy, you really don’t match today. Do you care? Do you just want to go with it?’ He’ll be like, ‘I don’t care.'”

Dearly: How have things changed since he was gifted the new glasses?

Muhr: “He’s just excited. Very excited. Like I said, we’re just having different conversations because now, I can look at something and be like, ‘Hey, put your glasses on and tell me what you see, take your glasses off and tell me what you see.’ So we’re finally able to have conversations, and I’m able to understand what his world has looked like. It’s kind of nice to sit and have dialogue with him that we haven’t been able to have, ever.”

Dearly: Does he wear the glasses often?

Muhr: “He does. It’s funny. We were working on a science fair project last night, and he was like, ‘Oh, hang on.’ And he ran and got his glasses so that he could make sure that he was putting his poster together nicely. He wanted to know what colors he was actually using. That was kind of cool to see.”

Dearly: Can you talk about the bond Tyler has with classmate Thane?

Muhr: “They’ve known each other since kindergarten. Thane was actually one of my students when he was in kindergarten. I’ve always loved that kid. Him and Tyler have always been friendly but not necessarily good friends, but now you do kind of see a different bond with them. It’s really sweet.”

Dearly: What do you think people feel when they watch the surprise vid?

Muhr: “Thane was so excited. I posted it, and I let it go so viral because I think that so often we hear stories about kids bullying other kids or kids taking their life because their classmates are mean. And I just think it’s a good example for other kids to see how wonderful this has been and how much it’s paid off. And I think one of the cool things about it was all the cheers you hear from his classmates. That he seriously had a room full of support. And I just think kids need to see more examples of that than the bad stuff, where they’re getting in fights on the school bus or something. I hope this spreads and that kids realize that kindness really has reward in it for everyone.

I just think Thane is a great kid with a solid heart. What he did for Tyler was completely selfless. He went to his mom and said, ‘Hey, I found out Tyler’s colorblind, and I know they make these glasses, and I want to get it for him.’ And his mom was like, ‘OK, you bring me the money, and you do the research, and I’ll order them.’ So Thane did all of it on his own. He literally saved up, like, I know the glasses are $250, I know he got them on sale. But for him to save up all that money and not spend it on himself. And somebody asked him, ‘Why wouldn’t you just go get yourself some video games or something?’ And his response was he wanted to do something bigger than that for somebody else. Great kid.”


11-Year-Old Sees Color For First Time Thanks to Special Glasses Best Friend Surprised Him With

His classmate decided to save up nearly $100 of his own allowance money to purchase the glasses as a gift.

Posted by Dearly Presents on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

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    That’s awesome. We should all have friends like that. I like doing things like that when I can. I don’t know that such glasses even existed. Colorblindness is an issue with the cones on your retina, usually affecting red and green. The glasses must bend the light somehow in a way that photons strike the cones differently. Wild.

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