A mom is incredibly thankful for how a Delta Air Lines flight attendant treated her son with special needs.

According to Sonja Redding, she and her two children encountered the flight attendant while traveling home from a trip where medical professionals were researching the rare genetic disorder her kids have.

Posted by Sonja Redding on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

She explained:

They have a rare genetic disease called Methylmalonic Acidemia, or MMA. It is a serious and life threatening disease that currently has no cure. In addition, my son was diagnosed with autism on this trip. He has meltdowns in public often…

Redding admitted that people usually just stare at her son during one of his meltdowns, so when the Delta employee responded the way she did, the mom was deeply “moved by her compassion” for her child.

The mom wrote:

My son Xayvior has a lot of anxieties and due to his special needs and recently diagnosed autism he responds suddenly with change. On the flight he had a sudden meltdown and we couldn’t keep him calm no matter what we tried. This was unexpected since the previous flights he got through fine. It felt like everyone on the entire plane was looking at us and annoyed by my sons outburst. It can feel very frustrating and isolating when others just don’t understand that he is not just a kid with no discipline, but rather a child with special needs who doesn’t know how to control his responses to things.

She went on to call the flight attendant, whose name she never received, a “hero” after how she responded to her son’s meltdown, having never met them before.

(EDIT: The thing I didn't reveal in the original post is that we were actually on our way home from a trip for medical…

Posted by Sonja Redding on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Redding continued:

…This flight attendant came up and asked if she could hold him and take him for a walk. I warned her that he might get aggressive with her and try to gouge her eyes (he does this often and it is a sensory processing issue)… she quickly responded that she did not mind and swooped him up, taking him on a tour of the plane.

This hero gave us a bit of sanity back in a chaotic moment. When they came back, Xayvior was much more calm and he just loved on his new friend so happily!

Redding said that she wanted to share her experience with Facebook so that the attendant gets the recognition and praise she deserves.

The mom thanked her for not staring or judging, but rather showing “love and empathy without hesitation.” She added that “we need more people like this in the world.”

Soon after Redding’s post started going viral, both the flight attendant and her mom were notified.

Amanda Amburgy, the smiley flight attended who cared for Redding’s son, was shocked by the response she was receiving.

She wrote on Facebook:

It’s been over 24 hours since I’ve fully realized how amazing social media is and how it truly can be used as a positive. I’m sharing this not to praise me. But to raise awareness for this sweet family. I am blown away by the response. Speechless. Something to always remember, not only while you are traveling, but also in your daily life is just because something isn’t “your” normal doesn’t mean it’s not someone else’s normal. And that normal is simply, well… perfect. Xayvior touched my heart in such a deep way. I would be so beyond lucky to have a child like him one day. I will put links in the comments down below on how you can learn more about him and his sister’s life threatening disease. Let’s keep sharing their story in hopes that one day it lands in the right persons lap so their life can be changed forever. They sure did change mine. Xo

Amanda’s mom, Jennifer, like others who have seen this story, wrote on Facebook that she is “so proud.”

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  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    Special people .

  • Charlotte Burns 10 months ago

    An incredible story of simple compassion which our world is sadly lacking today. I hope this flight attendant was acknowledged by her Airline as well. She was raised to be a decent wonderful person we should all aspire to be.

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Mom Thanks Delta Flight Attendant for Showing Empathy Toward Her Son Who Was Just Diagnosed With Autism

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