Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

Twenty-two-year-old Gerald Austin Taylor was in the middle of a conversation with his mom via text when one of her messages seemed a little off.


According to Mashable, his mom, Kathy, is a frequent user of the voice-to-text feature on her iPhone when driving, which allows her to text without physically picking up her phone and typing.

Taylor described the conversation they were having:

“We were talking about the leftovers we had in the fridge and she sent those messages while heading back home from my grandmother’s house.”

Which explains why a conversation about fried fish quickly took an odd turn and gave Taylor the perfect comedic material to share on Twitter:

Apparently, Kathy was dealing with a little road rage while maneuvering through traffic, and her phone happened to pick it up.

One Twitter user couldn’t help but notice Kathy’s vernacular:

Some wondered how Siri was able to pick up her southern twang:

There were responses from those who’ve had similar experiences:

And some who noted the polite nature of the outburst:

And then there were those who just pointed out Taylor’s choice in music:

Taylor told his mom that her blunder had blown up on social media. She thinks the whole thing is “hilarious.”

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