What would you do if you saw a father taking his daughter into the women’s bathroom while in a public place?

One mom asked Mumsnet if she was being unreasonable by telling her husband that he shouldn’t be taking their daughter into the ladies’ room, but the men’s restroom instead.

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She wrote:

Help [dear husband] and I with a disagreement, please.

When [dear daughter (4)] needs the loo in a public place, he takes her to the ladies’ loos. I told him that women don’t like that and he should take her to the men’s loo. [Am I being unreasonable] or is he?

Over 500 other Mumsnet users responded to the mom’s question.

Some believed her husband was in the wrong:

“He is, I’ve never seen a man do this before…ever.”

“He is out of order. I do recall [dear husband] saying [dear daughter] needed to get used to going into the ladies by herself if he was out without me, as men’s loos can be grim. She was older than four tho. At four she is going to have to go in the men’s. Best thing is to find a nicer one? Or at my local shopping centre, they have a family loo which seems a good idea.”

“He should go to the men’s with her.”

“He is wrong.”

“What is it with all these toilet issues lately? There’s no way in hell my [dear husband] would ever set foot in a ladies loo. When [dear daughter] was small, he’d take her to a baby change loo or the gents in a dept store cafe if nearby.”

While others astonishingly said they would rather see her husband take their daughter to the ladies’ restroom instead of the men’s restroom:

“I understand the conflict, but I would rather a father in the ladies – individual cubicles – than a four-year-old girl being taken into the gents with no idea what she might see. (And I’ve wandered into the gents accidentally a couple of times, they’re not nice places! Smelly, grubby.)”

“Definitely prefer a young girl in the ladies’ than going into the men’s with open urinals.”

“I still have memories of being taken into men’s loos as a child shudders. They are horrible. But mostly the memories are sound and smell as [dear father] has his hands over my eyes for the majority of the time.”

“It wouldn’t bother me and it’s probably much nicer for her than seeing/smelling men weeing at the urinals. I do think we should have family toilets or something for these situations. However, it’s not like women take their clothes off at the basins or anything.”

“I would prefer to see a man take his daughter into ladies if no family/disabled toilet available don’t think any young child needs urinal or stinky cubicle exposure.”

“Agree with devil I would have no issue with seeing a man in the ladies loo with a small child needing a wee. I really wouldn’t want my [dear daughter] at the age of four heading into the mens loos. They stink and blokes have their k***s out!!”

Would you find it weird if you saw a man taking his daughter into the ladies room in a public place?

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