Mom blogger, Tabitha, has breastfed her children for a total of six years.

And up until recently, the Queensland mom never felt embarrassed by her ability to feed her child.

That was until she was confronted by a stranger while she was breastfeeding one of her children in a public place.

She wrote about her experience with the woman who challenged her to cover up on Facebook:

6 years iv been breastfeeding , and meeting my children’s needs
6 years with such confidance and free of negativity
6 years not a moment did I ever pause to think , that nursing in public was offensive , indecent or even erotic
6 years passed me by without cloaking in shame , but instead I enjoyed each moment that nursing gave !
6 years I embrace , being out and about . Without apprehension , without one single doubt

Tabitha went on to write about the moment she came face to face with the stranger who made her feel wrong for feeding her children in public:

6 years : a poem by myself after an confronting incident I had today Breastfeeding in public ?6 years iv been…

Posted by Kangatraining Ballarat on Sunday, March 3, 2019

But today in my arms as he snuggled in tight .
Looking into each other’s eyes and both filled with delight
As I stroked his sweet hair , as he played with my face
In our own nursing bubble where we’ve always felt safe
Came a tap on the shoulder , followed by a glare , with a barade of words that seemed awelfully unfair .

I was made to feel bad , and even ashamed
If I don’t cover up , I could just go away
As I stood up for myself and stated the law , the attack heated up, she continued on more

Not once did she consider the damage to my son , who was trying to feed while he whitnessed this onslaught of ofence to him mum!

The mom wrote that after six years of being without “fear” or “judgment,” she longs to have that feeling back now:

In a moment of courage to protect my sweet babe
I stood and I ran to a place far away
Shaken and stired came an onrush of tears
How blessed was I to have had 6 precious years
6 years without fear of what others may think
6 years without judgment , without feeling accused of enticeing a man oversexualising boobs
6 years that I had , that I long to have back

She concluded, “Because now I’m left feeling unsure of myself.”

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15 Replies to “Mom Described How She’s Reduced to Tears for Breastfeeding in Public After 6 Years of ‘Confidence’”

  • Melissa 2 years ago

    I have no idea how discreet or indiscreet this woman was in her public nursing. I have breastfed four children over the past 7 years, occasionally in public, but always discreetly and covered up, considering others around me. I would never approach a publicly nursing woman, mainly for fear of how she would react, but I find it completely unnecessary and inconsiderate when women make no attempt at privacy in nursing. Nursing in necessary and normal, but letting it all hang out with no consideration for others says more about the woman than it does about breastfeeding. My innocent little boys know mommy breastfeeds, but I even take care to keep covered around them. It’s not always the easiest option, but considering other people rarely is convenient… but honestly, it’s wasnt that hard to be discreet either.

  • Tina 2 years ago

    It is rather easy to cover up. I have breastfeed in public and I see nothing wrong with it. IMHO women that bare all is all about the shock value or the idea of daring someone to “mom shame” With how everyone looks for reasons to be offended this is perfect for them.

  • Melanie 2 years ago

    Females were born with special mammary glands. What doesn’t ignorant people understand? The issue is society especially in certain countries has placed breasts in a sexual connotation. Nursing is a natural thing.

    • SMDH 2 years ago

      Yes nursing is a natural thing. However. So is having sex, and pooping. But I would do neither one in public. Well yes it may be legal it doesn’t make it right. It doesn’t mean everyone is comfortable with it. And we should all be considerate of one another. I agree with one of the other people here who said that some people do it for the shock factor or just to goad other people into saying something.

      • Katie Waite 2 years ago

        My 6 week old son will not nurse with his head covered, and im not about to force him to do so! He also does not take a bottle…. so what most of you are saying is i should just shut myself and him away in our home until he is weened?…. i dont get what the big freaking deal is everyone has nipples! And ive seen men with bigger boobs than me outside shirtless. I will continue to feed my son where ever and whenever he pleases

        • Anonymous 2 years ago

          I’m with you on that 100%. Nursing is a natural thing and if people don’t like it they don’t have to look.

      • Melanie 2 years ago

        Come on now! That’s comparing apples to oranges. Sex is natural, but sexual in nature and breast feeding is not sexual, but the most natural way to feed your baby and defecating in public is a warning sign of someone that is either very angry and sometimes classified as a paraphiliac disorder.

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        Shock factor! What! That’s crazy. If you have ever breastfed a baby believe me it’s not for shock factor by any means. When your milk lets down as they call it you better nurse or pump because breast engorgement is painful. I know because I breastfed all my children.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Ignorant people not understand *

  • Robin McCombs 2 years ago

    All you who say cover up, go out and cover your head while you eat. I prefer to make eye contact and bond with my babies.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Don’t cover your babies eyes ya dumbass!!!!
      Cover your tit

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I find nothing wrong with breastfeeding because I know it is very good for the baby….I do understand that you do have to feed your child in public sometimes but I do think out of courtesy of your child & people around you I do think you should cover yourself up.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Agree w/ Melissa.
    Really, they are still your body and what is not to be touched under a swimsuit should not be exposed for the public eye!
    Breastfeed in public all you want, but cover you and baby so you’re not exposing your swimsuit areas.
    Unless you’re a nudist- then breastfeed in a nudist colony. ??

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    All of these hateful comments are ridiculous. I’ve breastfed in the backseat of my car, using the two shirt method so barely anything was visible, and still received glares. Covering sounds easy, until your child rips it off. It sounds doable, until you need to make sure your child airway is clear. It doesn’t sound that bad, until you cant help your struggling baby latch correctly because you have to worry about Karen over there seeing an inch of flesh she deems innapropriate.

    Newsflash, a nursing mother is not looking to flash anyone. Shes trying to feed her baby, who deserves more than a bacteria ridden stall in a bathroom. There is nothing innately sexual about nursing. Stop warping something so pure, into something you seem inappropriate. If your husband is looking at a nursing mom lustily, I think you might have more issues than a mom not covering her nipple. If you wouldn’t have trouble explaining to your child how a cow nurses her calf or a dog her pups, you shouldn’t have any issues here.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I am for you breastfeeding and anywhere it’s done, who cares we are women and God made us so, who the f***** is she to tell u to cover up… Don’t feel bad about it you’re a Mum, and I think she isn’t. Shout out… tell her to get a life.

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