Before piercing her daughter’s ears, Marlyn Elizabeth did her research, Cafe Mom reports.

In a post on Facebook, the Pennsylvania mom explained she “looked for many places” to get her infant’s ears pierced before settling on Piercing Pagoda at the Neshaminy Mall.

Elizabeth wrote that the chain, which has over 780 kiosks nationwide according to Piercing Pagoda, claimed piercings were performed by professionals with experience handling babies and were “100% safe.” Piercing Pagoda offers professional ear piercing for children two months of age or older, according to the website.


But, based on her particular experience with the company, Elizabeth claimed:

Well that is all a lie.

According to Elizabeth, from the moment she arrived, staff at Piercing Pagoda were not customer service-oriented. She wrote:

First off the staff gave me the biggest attitude did not even look at me when I approached them.

Then, her daughter’s ear piercing was painfully botched:

When they pierced my baby’s ear according to the girl the gun got stuck and all I saw was her pulling off the earring she wrongly pierced and attempting to do it again while my baby is screaming…

Elizabeth petitioned the technician not go through with the piercing which caused the employee—who happened to be the manager—to become irate:

I told her that I didn’t want her ears pierced anymore and that I would like a refund…. she then while walking back was mumbling curse words at me and slamming the kiosk door. When I asked for a manager the one guy told me it was the girl that attempted to pierce my daughters ear and she came out from the kiosk and yelled at me “WHAT DO YOU WANT.”

Elizabeth claimed she pointed out the technician’s error by showing where she missed the dot (marking where the earring should have gone) and in turn was blamed for the mistake.


The employee allegedly claimed the mishap was caused by Elizabeth’s failure to hold her baby correctly:

…she then continued to yell at me saying it was my fault for not holding her right yet she was the one that instructed me on how to hold her then she continued to blame me and told me my arm was in the way… ok? if my arm was in the way why would you attempt to blindly pierce my baby’s ear?!

When Elizabeth remarked at the level of unprofessionalism at the piercing stand, she claimed employees told her to take her business elsewhere—in not so nice terms.

As Elizabeth put it, she and her two-month-old were instructed to “get the F*** outta here then.”

From there, the situation went from bad to worse. As Elizabeth wrote, her family was followed through the mall by the two Piercing Pagoda employees, including the manager, as they issued threats of physical violence against the young mother:

[They] then followed me, my daughter and my sister down the mall while yelling and threatening to call someone to come “beat the s*** out of us” simply for asking to speak to a manager. The guy continued for about 5 mins to yell in the middle of the mall at us and following us to the food court.

According to Elizabeth, a woman in the food court told the man not to curse with children around, to which he responded:

…he did not care and started yelling at the poor older woman to shut the **** up and calling her a bi***…..

Mall security was forced to get intervene due to the man’s threats of physical harm, which ended the altercation. Elizabeth wrote she was baffled by the experience:


“The reason for this post is to avoid this from happening to someone else!,” she wrote. “So much for professional ?.”

Some commenters on Elizabeth’s post shared negative experiences with Piercing Pagoda as well. “They have NOT been doing it professionally for DECADES any ANY of their stores…” wrote one commenter.

Another wrote:

I have two holes in my ear from getting mine done when I was a toddler in the 90’s because some teenager messed up and it didn’t go all the way through so they decided to take it out half way and make another hole next to it … so now , as an adult I have one ear with a complete hole and my right ear has a hole in a half ?? thanks #piercingpagoda.

Others were surprised about Elizabeth’s encounter: “I got my daughter ears pierce last year their and I had no problem. The lady was very nice and helpful I don’t why she had problems there.”

The ear piercing chain has not publicly responded to Elizabeth’s claims. According to the Piercing Pagoda website, “Piercing Pagoda remains the leader in ear piercing.”

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