Twenty-three-year-old mom Sabrina Zerrata was arrested on Tuesday for failing to provide “adequate medical care” for her 19-month-old child after an apparent fall. A male suspect, Maximillion Saenz, with whom Zerrata and her other children were living, is also wanted for the same crimes.

After nearly three weeks without hospital care, Zerrata ultimately decided to take her daughter to the emergency room. While she alleged that she wanted to take her in sooner because her daughter’s head “felt squishy,” the mom pointed fingers at Saenz for stalling her.

According to Zerrata’s statement, as reported by KCBD, when she tried to take her daughter to the doctor for care, the man googled the girl’s symptoms on his phone and declared that “she would heal fine,” opting to give her Pedialyte to cease her continuous vomiting.

He also wanted to wait until the bruises the girl had on her body healed before she was seen by a professional. However, noticing her daughter’s swollen foot, Zerrata told police she “could not take it anymore and knew that her daughter needed help.”

At first, Saenz had told police that the tot had taken a “pretty bad fall” off a trampoline. He later reported that perhaps it was actually his dog that “knocked her off” and caused the injuries.


Trying to redirect the fault, Saenz later told police that Zerrata would “spank the kids and [they] would have bruises.”

While neither adult could get their story straight, the fact remained that the 19-month-old girl had more than just brain trauma. Nurses reported that the baby had:

“A broken arm, broken hands, a broken foot, healed cigarette burns, bruises all over her body, a scraped chin and a brain bleed.”

Furthermore, the blanket she was wrapped in was full of cigarette burns.

Zerrata is currently being held at the Lubbock County Detention Center in Texas on a $10,000 bond. She has been charged with abandoning or endangering a child and criminal neglect.

Investigators are still searching for Saenz, who is expected to be charged with “abandoning or endangering a child.”

Anyone with information on Saenz’s whereabouts is asked to report it to Crime Line at 806-741-1000.

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