A mom from upstate New York said her two daughters, ages 13 and 15, have been out of school for months since they were kicked out for being unvaccinated.

Marina Williams and her children moved to Orchard Park in October and quickly encountered problems with their school district’s vaccination policies, she told WIVB.

Her children’s previous school district, West Seneca, accepted the unvaccinated girls under a religious exception rule.

Orchard Park denied the mom’s religious exception and removed the girls from their classes on November 30, according to Insider.

They’ve been out of school ever since and can return when they receive vaccinations. Now, Williams is suing the school district. She told WIVB:

“The Orchard Park school system is asking me to go against everything that I believe in and my faith.”

The mom is part of the Temple of the Inner Flame church, which she says doesn’t support putting “foreign substances” in the body.

This includes alcohol, drugs, and vaccines, according to Insider. Williams explained:

“I’ve never had a vaccine before. My mother, my sister, my aunt, haven’t either. To me, that was just a given…I’ve never had to defend it before.”

Frank Housh, the mom’s lawyer, said she understands there are a “large public health concerns related to vaccination.” But he said this has to do with the school district:

“These children dont have to be vaccinated if they have a legitimate religious reason not to do that. The law says they have to be educated, they are refusing to do that.”

The lawsuit claims that the school district didn’t offer an alternative education option to the girls, and alleges district staff threatened to call Child Protective Services on the mom.

Orchard Park said in a statement that it’s looking out for the best interest of students and employees:

“A school district has no duty more important than protecting the health, safety, and welfare of its students and staff.  Ensuring the immunization requirements under New York State law have been met is critical to carrying out this duty.  Because this matter is now before the court, it would be inappropriate to comment any further at this time.”

Williams and her lawyer have appealed the decision regarding the religious exception to the Commissioner of Education, but it’s unclear how long it will take to get a decision.

Watch the video below:

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14 Replies to “Mom Sues School For Kicking Out Unvaccinated Teen Girls. Says They Should Have Religious Exemption”

  • Ronald breithaupt 1 year ago

    Vaccinations are an absolute necessity. I had them, as did all of my family. This woman is a religious nut

  • M.Williams 1 year ago

    Her children should be vaccinated. Vaccines eradicated diseases, period. It is ridiculous to think otherwise. If she doesn’t believe in them for religious reasons, then she has the choice to homeschool her children. It is completely inappropriate to sue when she is the one putting other’s in danger.

  • Bee 1 year ago

    Oh so said all the brilliant ones….I have this magnificent land…..gullible believing all the lies and deceit and may I add bullying of big pharma!!Please read the ingredients in the vaccines and read the possible side effects, the read who is responsible when something happens to a perfectly healthy child…..then oh go a tad bit further and talk to educated, loving families who have lived through all of this trauma and loss! I do get a kick out of not only your opinions but your “authority” on the subject without any real knowledge very common, imho…I d venture to get the diseases were not eradicated, the names have been changed I cannot trust a system that can administer chemicals and poisons into the human body AND if it doesn’t work or creates havoc or death, oh well, they are not held accountable….and how is it that baby boomers had maybe 8 vaccines and were considered fully vaccinated and today these poor innocent children are bullyied into getting approximately 72 vaccines, who is fooling who and the pockets are being lined!! To the people who blindly believe the vaccines are free, they are not, they get funding etc….pockets are being lined, people are being harmed… oh please go to all the rich people, bill gates check out his family, do they vaccinate? Come on ….smell the coffee

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Please list all 72 vaccines oh wise one. That’s a bit of an overstatement.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    This woman has a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to not vaccinate her children for any reason she chooses! And, quite honestly, vaccines do not protect and they even cause disease! They have so many toxins in them, not to mention aborted baby tissue! Yes, someone else’s DNA going in, but hey the babies do not need it–they were murdered! Also, I bet if we did a check, all the teachers are not re-vaccinated. Yes, vaccines have a short shelf life–anyone over 30 is no longer ‘protected’. So much for the big ‘herd immunity’ lie. Oh, this makes me sick.

  • Amber 1 year ago

    Honestly, have you not heard of polio, mumps, chicken pox or any other childhood diseases? The reason that the baby boomers only got a few vaccinations is because they didn’t have them at the time. You’ve never seen the big scar on older people’s upper arm for their TB shot? Better yet, have you had any of these diseases? If not, ever wonder why? It may be because of vaccines. Speaking as a mother, I would much rather my child be vaccinated for preventable diseases than to have lost any of them to a preventable disease.

  • Carol W 1 year ago

    my name is Carol Wadsworth and most people like to keep religious things in a Church not schools and schools should be respected and trust God with all heart with respect please

  • Tressa 1 year ago

    We all pay taxes for schools!! These people that love their vaccines but don’t trust their vaccines need to either be quite, pay back everyone that pays taxes for the school but can’t attend because of stupid vaccines, or take your kids an home school then since you guys have to much fear!

    End of story!


    Go mama Go! I pray this school pays for their actions!!

  • MARGARET LUNDBERG 1 year ago

    Someone should tell her the “foreign substances” in her hair dye re absorbed into her body, with many of those chemicals found on lists of cancer causing substances.

  • Kara 1 year ago

    It’s really very simple – as a matter of public safety, children in this school district are required to have received their necessary vaccines. It makes no difference what excuse you want to use, if your children are not vaccinated, you should probably home school your children to see they don’t fall behind in education.

  • Karen 1 year ago

    Polio is not a childhood disease! I grew up with a sister that was stricken with polio. It is not pretty. As for mumps, measles and chicken pox, well we all had them, as there were not vaccinations for those. I do think there could, later be a problem, when the vaccinations “wear out” (and they will) and a bunch of adults suffer from those 3 (but hey, do as you will). I have already had the 3, and have natural immunity now. Good luck to all. Including those who think nothing should be given to their children (which I think is wrong, because of what I have seen in my lifetime).

  • Kevin 1 year ago

    If your kids are vaccinated then they should b safe from diseases from kids that aren’t vaccinated right? I mean if the vaccines really work. So what’s the big deal?

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Well, if the other kids are vaccinated, what would it hurt. They’re covered…right??

  • Carol A Greenstone 1 year ago

    Amber, you lose all credibility when you misidentify the scar on older people’s upper arms. That is not a TB shot. Their is no TB shot. You can be tested for TB but that is a small scrape on your inner arm and it goes away a few days after it is administered. You have to have the results read by the doctor within a certain time frame for them to be valid because the bumps go away. The scar is from a small pox vaccine. Small pox was eradicated world wide so the vaccine is no longer given. The real question is why weren’t measles, mumps, rubella and polio eradicated? Why are these diseases continually reintroduced into the population. Instead of forcing innocent children to inject foreign substances into their bodies there needs to be screening done on all those entering the country to make sure they aren’t bringing diseases with them. This would include citizens who leave the country and travel to areas where these diseases are still prevalent. Eradicate the diseases and start eliminating the need for immunizations. As a mother I would feel horrible if a child of mine died or was injured from a vaccine I allowed a doctor to inject into their body. Ask the mothers of vaccine injured children if they would have preferred their child take the risks of measles or mumps over being injured permanently by a shot supposed to protect them. We used to all get measles, mumps and chicken pox and millions of us have no lasting effects from them. My oldest daughter has several autoimmune diseases that will follow her for life most likely caused by all the vaccinations she had to receive. I think she would have been better off taking her chances on measles and mumps than forever having to take thyroid medication from a vaccine injury.

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