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Rebecca Gruber did her research before her first planned cesarean section. She couldn’t wait to meet her unborn son.

The PopSugar Mom senior content director wrote in a personal essay that she felt confident in the procedure, her doctors, and the her body’s response. The C-section went as planned, but she wasn’t expecting to start shaking uncontrollably after surgery.

She wrote that after her son arrived, her husband left the room. Her shakes became violent, and it was difficult for her speak:

Nobody warned me about the shakes. And these weren’t just a little shiver felt throughout my body, but full-on, uncontrollable shaking that probably made me look like I was convulsing to the untrained eye.

After about an hour, the shakes subsided. She held her son and soon forgot about the symptom until it happened again with her second son.

During her second pregnancy, she was ready for the shakes but also felt cold all over her body. She realized that perhaps shaking was a more common symptom than she thought:

Before long, my second son was in my arms and the shakes were the furthest thing from my mind. But consider this your warning. The shakes are real, and they’re normal. They are part of your body’s recovery (or in my case preparation) and nothing to worry about — unless they’re accompanied by a fever.

After reading about Gruber’s experiences, many other moms chimed in that they had experienced similar shaking after childbirth:

Megan Carreno, a gynecologist with Sanford Health, told Livestrong.com that many women experience an uncontrollable shaking after birth. The severity and duration of the shakes depends on the patient:

This symptom can happen after either a vaginal delivery — with or without an epidural —- or a Cesarean section. While uncomfortable for the mother, there appears to be no risk from the condition.

Women often report feeling shaking and cold after birth.

According to Babble.com, shaking can be caused by a combination of hormonal changes in a woman’s body, muscle relaxation after strain on the body, and additional fluids and medications.

While shaking is a normal symptom postpartum, Parents.com reported that a few harmful postpartum symptoms include fevers, high blood pressure, and excessive bleeding.

The Center for Disease Control eported that 2.7 million babies are delivered vaginally, and 1.3 million are born through cesarean section every year.

Gruber was soon released from the hospital to spend time with her family. She later penned an article on recovering from a C-section while raising a toddler.

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