Earlier this month, New Jersey mom Koeberle Bull received a disturbing Facebook message from a man in Kentucky who she’d never met.

The message contained racial comments and threats against her three children’s lives, Dearly previously reported.

Through Facebook, the mom was able to determine that the man, 20-year-old Dylan Jarrell, was from Lawrence, Kentucky.

In order to protect her children, she contacted Lawrence police and was told to speak with Trooper Josh Satterly from the Kentucky State Police.

Her report was taken seriously and police sought out Jarrell.

They found him pulling out of his driveway heavily armed, with detailed plans to attack two nearby school districts, Dearly reported.

Kentucky State Police

Police credited the “hero” mom’s call for stopping the would-be school shooter, who has since been charged with terroristic threats and harassing communications.

And on Wednesday, Bull went on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to share her story, where she was reunited with someone very special — the state trooper who took her plea seriously.

When host Ellen DeGeneres asked the mom what she thought of Satterly, she said:

“He is my hero.”

That’s when DeGeneres surprised her by bringing the state trooper on stage. Bull and her three children, who also went on the show, were tearful during the reunion.


When asked why he took Bull’s response so seriously, Satterly said that he looked to his own family. The state trooper told DeGeneres:

“I have a 2-year-old myself. When I seen that message, I thought there’s no room for that kind of hate in this world. I called Koeberle and I could tell in her voice that she was very disturbed and I seen her Facebook with her three beautiful kids. I felt like, you know, I owed it to her to help.”

In a addition to the special reunion, Bull and her family were gifted a luxury vacation by DeGeneres, who felt her family deserved a break.

Though Bull is being hailed a hero, she said that she was just trying to protect her family.

Watch the touching reunion below:

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