An angry mom took matters into her own hands after her teen son’s bike was stolen from outside a mall. 

Leah Lauscher, a mother from Alberta, Canada, posted a photo of her 13-year-old son’s bike to Facebook on Wednesday after it was snatched while he visited Parkland Mall, CBC reports.

Leah Lauscher/Facebook

She wrote:

Please keep an eye out for a burgundy Trekk bike on the north end! I’ll add a pic shortly, but it was just stolen from my son at parkland mall!!

Lauscher reported the robbery to police but quickly set out on a mission to find the bike herself. 

She started making rounds around through the city. And less than an hour later, she saw a group of people walking with her son’s stolen bike. 

She told CBC:

“The three of them were just walking down the sidewalk right in front of me. So I just pulled in and started recording… I had adrenaline going and my mama-bear instincts took over.”

The mother took out her phone camera and confronted the man pushing it, shouting “Excuse me, that’s my son’s bike!”

He quickly moved to hide his face and insisted that someone just gave it to him. 

The mom then left with her son’s recovered bike in hand. She said: 

“I figured this was my only chance. The bike probably would not get found otherwise. And here it was right in front of me.”

However, she realizes that she probably put herself in some danger during the confrontation:

“I wouldn’t recommend that people necessarily go and do that just because of the violence that’s out there. Definitely if it’s safe, go ahead and try to recover your stuff.”

Lauscher said her son called her his “hero” after she got the bike back.

However, local police recommended that she let authorities handle the crime fighting from now on.

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